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Would you disown a child if you discover you’re not his biological father?

With Florence Amagiya
Lawson was already married for 11 years or more when this ugly accident happened. He was on his way back from his wife’s village with his wife and three children when his car was hit by a Trailer.

The impact of the accident was such that the wife died instantly, while Lawson and the three children went into coma. If not for the timely intervention of passersby who rushed him and the children to the hospital, he and his children would also have died.

At the hospital, blood was needed for the children because they were bleeding too much and they had already lost so much. Lawson on the other hand had wakened up with only a slight concussion, so he agreed to donate blood for his children. His blood did not match his children’s, so his blood was not used.

Today, Lawson is confused, so he went back to the hospital to run DNA test on his children and himself, only to be told that he could not have fathered these children because he is not fertile.

Hear what our celebrities have to say…

No way!

Esse Aghesse, Artiste

Esse Aghesse

If my brother is in this kind of situation and tells me about it, l will tell him to go ahead and love the children because it is not their fault. His late wife is to blame, but she is not here to defend herself or show him their biological father. Another thing he should consider is the fact that he cannot father children; this might just be one of God’s miracle and intervention. He should do well by taking good care of the children the way he ought to. That way, he will be at peace with himself and God.


Nurture the child,
Jedi,  Comedian
I won’t disown the child. It could be emotional for me, but it is also an opportunity to raise the child to greatness.

Can’t do that!

Moses Efret, Actor

It is not the child’s fault! I won’t hate any

Moses Efret

child whether biologically mine or not. It is the fault of his mum and so I will love him as l have always done. A child is a child whether biologically yours or not.

‘Consider two options’

Blackky, Artiste

If l were in a situation like this, l will consider two options: Tell the in lawsabout what their sister did when she was alive or nurture the children till they are grown up and tell them the truth. Children hate been lied to and it is only wise to be honest with them because if they find out on

their own, they will hate you for life.



Love the child…

Face, Artiste

The child has been with me ever


since he was born and even before then. My wife was pregnant for nine months and all the months l was there for her and with her. That must mean something, that the child is mine. Whether biologically mine or not.


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