A confident and cohesive sense of style begins not with the latest designer outfit you wear, but with the underwear you put underneath it. Your underwear is invisible doesn’t mean it should be underrated because if you must know, it speaks louder about your sense of style and hygiene more than the Gucci jean or Emporio Armani tee you wear. Moreover, you never can tell when you may have to unveil them in the open or before a woman. So, why not consider having them in variety, abundance and style? As you consider the various types of underwear, do remember to place emphasis on comfort and fit.


Briefs have Y-shaped design, elastic waist bands, full frontal coverage from waist to upper thighs as well as buttocks coverage. Suitable for men involved in a lot of physical activities since it does not roll up.


Due to their loose fit, boxers fit better with apparels that have loose fits. Not to be worn as part of sports wear.

Boxer Briefs

They are much tighter than boxers just like the fit of a brief and yet often retain the length of boxer. They provide a good fit around the lower trunk.

Bikini Briefs

These are a lot skimpier. They’ve got slim side waistbands. They hide very well within jeans(especially the low waist jeans) and look good on well-built men with muscles.


They are the skimpiest of the whole of men’s underwear. The thongs have middle straps

which run in-between the buttocks. Suitable

for men with well-built body and firm

tight buttocks, they also rest the

genitals in a pouch.




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