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Solution to poor quality of service is outsourcing, says WECO boss

By Nnamdi Ojiego

Apparently showing concern over the poor quality of telecom services that has bedeviled the telecom industry in recent times, the Business Unit Manager, Weco Systems International Ltd, Mr Sidney Ogueri, has said that the operators should as a matter of urgency, begin to think of outsourcing most of their services.

Weco is a one stop shop for IT products and services and also plays the role of a bridge between the Original Equipment Manufacturers, OEMs, and their customers.

Ogueri said that the easiest, efficient and most affordable means of doing business was to outsource some services, wondering why outsourcing should be a big problem in Nigeria.

According to him, a telecom company should concentrate in its area of core business where it has expertise like selling recharge cards, instead of worrying about power generation or maintenance of base stations among other things.

He said that “ no telecom operator can maintain and service its customers and equipment with their staff alone. Outsourcing allows one to concentrate on his expertise and it gives people time and resources to do their work better. Therefore, to ensure quality of service, telecom operators must outsource because, it is a business model adopted globally, Nigeria must not be left behind”.

However, Ogueri accused the government of not taking security of lives and property of citizens seriously, pointing to the proliferation of acquisitions of technologies of mass destructions like bombs, by criminal elements to disrupt the peace of the nation.

He added that “insecurity is a worrisome issue all over the world. The problem here is we are not proactive in security issues. We are only reactive but naturally, we are supposed to be proactive. All these talks about CCTV should have been done by now if the govt is serious. Why should there not be security cameras in Marina street, where the headquarters of major banks in the country are located?”.

He berated government’s inability to have policies that mandate offices in the country to check the kind of mails that come in and out of the country as obtainable in the developed countries of the world like United States, China and Japan among others.

He regretted that even when ICT has turned out to be the major booster of economies world over, Nigerian government has failed to put it in the forefront of its agenda. Although, he expressed hope that present administration has seen the importance of the sector in terms of funding among others.


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