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Kiddies room decoration should be geared toward multiple activities

By Jude Njoku

Children are a special gift from the Almighty creator and decorating their rooms pose one of the greatest challenges to interior decorators.

This because children sleep, play and create in their rooms. An interior decorator worth his/her onions should therefore ensure that their furniture and room decorations are geared toward multiple activities.

Kiddies room

The furniture in their room should be scaled down to fit them. Similarly, it should be noted children’s themes should play a key role in the decoration choices. “With opportunities for vibrant colours—and mixing and matching—the kid’s room offers the creative decorator a chance to add something eye-catching and fun. Cartoons and characters are among the favorites in kid’s rooms, as are wooden furniture and themes. Whether it’s toys or borders and designs, decorating a kid’s room often reflects the personality and interests of the child,” writes Mr Matthew Fortuna, an eHow.


According to him, the walls in a kid’s room should always be colourful, whether painted with a child’s favorite colour or filled with pictures and posters of her favorite characters.On accessories, he explained that “accessories that exist (such as candles and photos in other rooms can be substituted as the child’s favorite toys, action figures or trophies in his room. Place them on top of shelves, televisions, dressers, and stands.

Another eHow home contributor advised decorators to put a small round table in the corner of a child’s room to enable them to draw, play board games, have a tea party or build something. Tables made for kids stand between 17 and 20 inches high; you can take an old standard table and cut its legs down to achieve the same scale.

“A child-size bookcase provides low shelving to store a library in the bedroom and encourage reading. Because the shelves aren’t tall, the top of the case is an easily accessible place to display toys and other decorations, such as a globe or a reading lamp”.

Since kids’ beds are the main features of their bedrooms, themed bedding is another way to make rooms child-friendly. Favorite characters, sports and princesses are some popular themes.

Area rugs decorate kids’ rooms and offer a soft place to play on the floor. They come in shapes, such as circles or flowers, or themes like butterflies or trains.

Mr Fortuna says that wood is popular as a furniture choice in kids’ rooms. “They mix and match easily with many colours.

“Fill the walls or windows of kid’s room with borders picturing his favorite cartoons or singers. They provide colorful shapes and smiling faces.


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