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Home security: Pros and cons of electric fencing

By Kingsley Adegboye

A home with electric fence.

Many homeowners in Nigerians are not safety conscious. It is commonplace to see people build mansions worth several millions of Naira but do little or nothing to ensure the safety of such massive investments. There are several measures that you can adopt to safeguard your investments.

One of such measures is the use of electric security fence which adds extra security to your home. Although this security measure is relatively new in Nigeria, security expert posit that embracing its use can guard against the rising occurrence of thefts being witnessed across the country. Already, residents of some highbrow residential estates have started erecting electric fences to ward off intruders.

The Chief Executive, Onye Security Nigeria Limited, Mr. Kalu Onyekachi said electric fencing is a reliable security measure to keep out intruders, adding that no one will be able to vandalise or tamper with homes where electric fences are installed.

Arguing that the electric fence technology has several advantages, Onyekachi said the most popular reason that makes people install electrical fences is to prevent burglars from entering the residence, as the fences will ward off intruders completely.

“It is most effective when used with a stone wall perimeter. Having a stone wall around the home works well with electrical fences. It is a double threat in that an intruder would have to scale the wall, and would also receive an instant electric shock at the same time.

Security electric fences are best for lone homes that are not in close proximity to other homes.

Despite these obvious advantages, electric fences have their shortcomings. They may not be in neighborhoods because there is always a chance of causing harm to those who are close to an electric fence home.

“Electric fences can also protect families against other sources of harm. Burglars are not the only potential intruders that may want to enter your home. An electric fence will also protect your home and family against anyone who would want to inflict harm on your family. Some electric fences are also used to keep wild animals from entering your property. This is usually used with homes that are located close to bushes”, he noted.

He however warned that if any one ever decides to use an electric fence as part of home security, that person should remember to place signs around the building warning people to avoid the fence. Those who fail to adhere to these instructions face the risk of being electrocuted.



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