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Caught Fiancée with My Twin; should l go on with the wedding?

With Florence Amagiya

Peter and I were born on the same day and practically at the same time, yes that makes us Twins! Twins whose resemblance is so incredible that seeing us together was like looking at one’s self in the mirror. It was so bad that even our own Parents and Siblings could not tell us apart while we were growing up. We dressed up in the same clothes and disturbed their peace of mind with stunts and games that only us or any other identical Twins can pull.

We attended the same school, although we studied different courses. Sometimes we noticed we are even interested in the same women. In fact, it became so ugly that if one of us were to like a girl, the other will also want that same girl. We resolved this issue by intentionally staying away from each other’s girl friend except the other is also in a relationship.

Today, we are adults and out of the University. We also work in different places in different parts of the Country. Peter is in Abuja as an Engineer, while l live in Portharcourt, Rivers State as a Medical doctor. I met and fell in love with this beautiful lady; it became so strong that we planned to tie the knot. I had gone to her family for introduction with my Parents, but Peter could not make it cause of his job. Meanwhile, Peter has not met my Fiancée and l haven’t had time to send her photograph. I travelled abroad for my annual leave; while l was there Peter called to tell me he had travelled to Portharcourt and that he met an ‘Angel’ and that there might be a double wedding in June. I got back home and met the shock of my life. Peter’s new girlfriend is my Fiancée…



Cant go on……..Gordon, Comedian

I don’t think this issue is worth talking about because my so – called Fiancée must have known what she was doing when she decide to date my brother in the first place. So it is a non issue for me because l will call the wedding off. Why should l go on with such a woman? She will kill me tomorrow; thank God she got exposed on time. My brother and I wi ll move on and forget her. She is a witch or better still a free donor.


Not on my life! C Dejohn, Comedian

I cannot go on with such a wedding even at gun point! What are we talking about? This is Africa and even if l were to be anEuropean l still won’t have forgiven my so- called Fiancée, as for my brother l will pat him on the shoulder cause it is not his fault, l never showed him the lady’s photograph, so l cannot blame him.


End of it! Ibrahim Ahmed, Engineer

I won’t even bother to think of it. She has just shown her true self and l will appreciate her for it and move on with my life.



Call it off! Morientez, Artiste

I will call off the God forsaken wedding that would have led to my death! I cannot share my girl friend or wife withnobody, with my twin brother, if l were a twin even. The best l can do is to move on and forget the ugly incident. I will meet a better woman.


Blast the wedding! Mohammed Ahmed, Engineer

What kind of question is this? Who will see death and embrace it? I will be sad because she has scattered my plans and l have given my heart, but I will be back on my feet some day.


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