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AFN begs sponsors to add colour to golden league

Athletics Federation of Nigeria officials gleefully revealed details of the 2011 ‘AFN Golden League’ during the week, but there are fears whether the event will pull weight following lack of interest showed by the private and public concerns.

AFN technical director, Sunday Bada disclosed that despite efforts to make the competition attractive, corporate bodies and state governments contacted by the federation have not responded positively. Perhaps this was why the Federation failed to pin the Golden League to any date on the calendar, when it addressed sports journalists on Wednesday.

Bukola Abogunloko, golden league runner

“There is no major sponsor yet for the event. We have approached some companies and State governments but so far there nothing to cheer about.

“We are only pleading for them to support the Golden League. This is because it is a major event in our calendar of activities.

“Our aim is to make it attractive for our athletes so that they can improve on their performances.
“Right now, we don’t even have any of our athlete doing well in Europe. This is because of the absence of a quality competition locally. No manager in Europe will invite athletes who have low performances, this is why we are struggling to make the golden league rewarding to the athletes. Without a sponsorship, we can’t just do much,” said Bada.

However, a source in federation disclosed that the golden league has not be well packaged and marketed for prospective sponsors to show interest.

“The AFN board is not proactive enough. There is no sign of aggressive marketing of their events, they have a marketing committee, how many proposals have they written and how many companies have they approached,” quarried the source.


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