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Would you forgive your Fiancée whom you caught in bed with your father?

With Florence Amagiya
Joseph was Haldane course mate from 100 level in the university. They were best of friends, reading partners and even partners in crime. Everybody thought they had something going, until Joseph went out with Marcel and Haldane dated Patrick. But their relationship though platonic was more intense than their individual affairs put together. It was no surprise to anybody that even after graduation; their friendship was still very strong.

Haldane after graduation did her youth service in the Northern part of the country while Joseph was lucky to stay behind because of his father’s connections, so he served in his State. Accidentally, whiles in the North, Haldane met and unknowingly dated Joseph’s father.

To be continued…


Can’t dare it even… – Djinee, Artiste
What are we discussing? My own father in bed with my wife- to be? Madness, l will not take it. In fact, I will scream it, Abomination! Yes, that’s what it is. Who else will she sleep with tomorrow? The driver, the mechanic, the trash carrier? What nonsense, a woman is a pride to her husband, not a shame! Women are supposed to be beautiful both inside and out. They are the pride of their husbands or are they not again? They are the bedrock of their homes and children look more up to their mothers than their fathers. If a child is from a home where the mother is strong morally, then the child is strong morally. A child will turn out bad if the mother is bad. So, I cannot take that risk, it is a no for me. As for my dad, in time l will forgive him.

Pedro Aganbi

Impossible! – Don Pedro Aganbi, Producer
I won’t forgive my Fiancée if l catch her in bed with my father. What is she doing in bed with my dad in the first place? How many men does she want to marry in my family? It is not an issue to discuss l must add. As for my dad, l will be angry with him, but he is my dad. I will forgive him eventually and marry somebody else with a better understanding of good morals.

Nobel Godwin

Disown my dad! – Nobel Godwin, Actor
What is good for the goose is also good for gender. My Fiancée has an accomplice in her crime and it happens to be my father. So, l will disown him as well as my fiancée. Yes, what was he doing on the bed with my fiancée? Is that how l sleep with his wife? As for my so- called fiancée, it is a non- issue. They are better finer ladies out there.


Forgive and move on – Essien Akpandem, Artiste
It’s painful; it should not be heard at all. I will be sad, but l will forgive them. I will tell them how l feel and how disappointed l am at their action. I will move on and forget my fiancée for a better life.


Forgive my dad but… – Lil Jojo, Artiste
I cannot forgive a thing like that, it is ridiculous! I am human, yes I can forgive my dad because he is my dad, but for the woman, l won’t forgive her and l can’t have any thing to do with her again.

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