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Kwara guber race between forces of good, evil, says Belgore

Kwara State Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Governorship candidate, Mohammed Dele Belgore, (SAN) has said he represents the multitude of Kwarans who desire a clean break away from decades of socio-economic and political servitude and repression.

Belgore, told newsmen in Lagos yesterday that his candidature followed widespread discontent of Kwarans and all lovers of freedom and good governance nationwide about the way the state had been run like a fiefdom over the years, and their clamour for paradigm shift to usher in an era in which government would work for common good.

According to him, “our people have continued to groan under poor and selfish leadership. They are crying out for a saviour that would take them to the Promised Land. We feel the pain of our people. We know that failure to act now threatens this generation and generations yet unborn.

“This is why we have come to offer focused, kind-hearted, and committed leadership to our people.

“It will be an epic battle between reactionaries who want to maintain at all cost their anti-people and selfish grip on power and the forces of change and progress who are ready to serve and give back to Kwarans a better life and their lost rights.”

to aspire to greatness. The forces of progressive change are speaking up the world over as recent events outside this country have shown. Today our people are united behind us in this unprecedented clamour for a day break in Kwara. Yes, it promises to be one great political contest, and one that Nigerians are most interested.

“I belong to the new generation of Kwarans who are united to change the face of politics for good, a generation with an agenda to make government work for the common good, and a generation that owes a historic duty to our children and children yet unborn to restore the lost glory of our state.”

Belgore explained that his candidature represents the consensus of Kwarans home and abroad to shake off the yoke of repression and oppression, and is beyond any ethno-religious sentiment.

With all segments of the society backing him, Belgore declared that the political map of the state has changed forever and assured Kwarans that an ACN government would offer them the much_needed succour, especially the liberty to aspire for greatness.

He added: “Together we are standing up against poverty, repression and deprivation. That is why our mandate transcends any one ethno_religious group or political classification. From Kaima to Oroago and Ilorin to Baruten, the face of poverty is the same – and so is our collective resolve to rebuild Kwara and unite its people behind a common developmental agenda.

“I am thinking of that little boy in the thick bush of Budo_Are who needs qualitatively free primary education and heavily subsidised secondary and tertiary education to be guaranteed a decent and productive future. I speak for the farmer in Oroago and in Shonga whose knowledge of farming is dwarfed by challenges beyond his financial reach and for which he needs government support.

“The political map in Kwara State has changed forever. Those who are yet to board the train to the new dawn which our party has promised the people of Kwara, or those who have not yet caught up with the new political reality in the State, we say the door remains open _ join us and together we will wrestle power from the clutches of the reactionaries and build an enviable State found on freedom, opportunity, empowerment, prosperity and self esteem.

“Kwara politics has attracted special interest in the media and everywhere. Our people want the type of good governance taking place in Lagos and Edo, and are envious of the restored hope of the people of Osun and Ekiti, where the ACN governs.”


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