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Man plots mothers death: “ I only told them to collect her dollars”

Confession of  accused of  killing own mother

By Albert Akpor, Evelyn Usman and Ifeanyi Okolie
Emotions ran high yesterday at the Lagos State Police headquarters, Ikeja, after a 46 -year-old man gave a startling confession of how he masterminded the killing of his United States based mother last December, in their Isolo abode.

Adedeji (46), suspected to have masterminded mother’s death.

The suspect, Adedeji Idowu , was arrested along side his wife, Adebimbe, a graduate of English language from the Lagos State University, Ojo, for allegedly been in the know of the plot to kill her mother-in-law upon her arrival.

The deceased , 65-year-old Alhaja Sikirat Idowu, only returned from America on December 1 , 2010, unaware that , that would be her last trip alive. Adedeji, it was gathered, went to pick his mother from the airport and arrived their 17, Akiti Avenue, Isolo, at about 11pm.

The ovation that greeted her arrival was however, disrupted by the appearance of four strange men who ordered everyone to lie flat. The armed men reportedly demanded for Alhaja Sikirat’s money and luggage. But she was reported to have put up a struggle, following which she was shot right in the chest and died instantly.

Policemen attached to Okota division began investigation into the death until last week when they made headway, leading to Adedeji arrest. When his apartment was searched, some of the loots stolen from his late mother were recovered.

When interviewed, 46-year-old Adedeji who was paraded alongside his wife and a member of the four-man gang that invaded the deceased home, said he never told the armed men to kill his mother. Rather, he claimed he only instructed them to collect her money and other things she brought.

Looking remorseful and with a shaky voice, Adedeji said, “I never knew they would kill her. I only told them to collect the dollars she brought and other things. My mum was my benefactor, she was always there for me. Anytime I was short of cash, I usually ran to her for help”.

But things, according to him, fell apart between him and his mother late 2009. “ Before then, I brought someone in 2008 that was owing me N4 Million. She promised to collect the money from the person when she got to US.  But because of the misunderstanding, I was not on greeting terms with her until she traveled.”

Asked what caused the misunderstanding, he kept mute, ignored the question and continued with his explanation, “ even members of my extended family came to settle the rift between us but the quarrel lingered until she left for US.  Later, I called one of my siblings in US who informed me mummy would be coming in December. I then contacted Ologede who contacted other members of the gang.

The plan was to get the money she brought . When she eventually arrived , I went to pick her at the airport and immediately she came in , the robbers came out of their hiding, stated the graduate of Textiles in one of the Southern Universities.

Narrating  the chain of events that led to the death of Alhaja Sikirat Idowu earlier,  out-going Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Marvel Akpoyibo, said Adedeji craftily excused himself from the welcome party , where he signaled members of the gang to strike. The suspects, according to Akpoyibo, “ arrived the late Alhaja’s residence in a BMW saloon car belonging to one of them named Ambali.

They also escaped from the scene using the same car, after robbing the 65-year-old grand mother of laptops, assorted jewelries , phones, cash which denomination was in dollars and other valuables”

A total sum of 50,000 US dollars was said to have been stolen from the deceased . But his son only got 200 US dollar(equivalent of N30,000) two laptops and  jewelries.

But investigations,  according to Akpoyibo, showed that Adededi’s wife, Adebimpe went to collect the money and other loots from the suspect. When approached, Adebimpe did not deny it. But she only claimed she got to know of her husband’s involvement after the attack.

She confessed to have been given some of the gold jewelries, one of which she sold for N50,000 at Yaba. On why she did not tell anyone of her husband’s involvement, she replied, “ I only wanted to save my marriage. He told me after the incident. I asked him following the news around the area that my husband knew something about the robbery . So when I confronted him he opened up to me and begged me to cover him up.

After some days, he sent me to get the money from Ologede and when I went, I was only given 200 dollars and some jewelries, part of which my husband gave me”

At a point , she bent her head down and wiped away the tears that was running down her cheeks. Recalling how it all happened, she stated, “ I was leaning on the balcony when Alhaja’s arrival was announced. I quickly ran out to meet her and immediately I got there with one of the maids, the men came and ordered both of us to lie down. When they demanded for money she said she had no money and when one of them attempted to carry her luggage, she snatched it from him and the next thing I heard was a gun shot. It was after they left that I raised alarm. I have never been myself since the incident”,said the mother of two.

But one of the arrested suspects, Maminu Olusoji said the gate of the building was opened to them by no other than Adedeji. He stated that Adedeji actually took them to where they would hide before his mother’s arrival. Maminu , a father of two, is a popular plantain seller at Idi-Oro market in Mushin area of Lagos. He also claimed to be a member of the Odua Peoples Congress(OPC)

He disclosed further that the plan to kill the late Alhaja took three weeks to finish. “ We met three times at Dalekeo. When he came, he told me to get people that would help attack his mother. But he told us plainly that we should not kill her.

He said she was a witch and that she had killed one of his siblings . He also added that she had hypnotized him .But on the day we went, I was not the one that shot. It was Irabor. I drove the vehicle. Even when we left the scene, We all blamed Irabor for shooting and he said the woman tried putting up a struggle and that he released the bullet by mistake”.


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