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Would you recommend an ex to a friend for marriage?

With Florence Amagiya
Ephraim and Magdalene were five and six in the unversity. Everyone thought their’s was a union made in heaven. Ephraim graduated before Magdalene did, so he went for service leaving Magdalene behind in school, but their relationship was still intact.

So it was not a surprise when she gruduated and was busy planning for their wedding. Unforunately, the wedding did not hold as planned. They both found out they are carriers of sickle cell aneamia; hence they cannot go on with the wedding if they love their unborn children.

Today, Ephraim is married to another woman, but magdalene is not. Ephraim is dedicating his baby in church and has invited Magdalene for the dedication with the intention of introducing Magdalene to his childhood friend who has just moved from the States to Nigeria.

That is what our celebrities have to say. Read on…..


Doesn’t sound right! – Blackky, Musician
It’s funny! Anytime I go visiting my friend, I will see my ex. there was a bond between us, I and my ex-girlfriend. Now she is married to my bossom friend. What am I going to do? It is disgusting and I don’t think I will be a party to it. It doesn’t ring right to me!


Can’t do it! – Djinee, Musician
For posterity sake, I think I won’t do it. I don’t have a problem if they meet on their own, but to be a reason for their meeting? I don’t want to be a party to that. What if they have issues in the future. Then fingers will be pointed at me.

Chinwe Anene

No Way! – Chinwe Anene, Student
I could have said who cares? What’s my business and all. But giving it careful consideration, I will say it depends on individuals. For me, I don’t think I will give it a second thought; it is not the right thing to do. I had something to do with the person in the past. It will make me vulnerable in future. We cannot tell these things, but it happens. If their meeting is pre-destined then they will meet themselves somehow, but I won’t be a link to their relationship. For God’s sake I had feelings for him in the past. What if as time goes on, the feelings we once had returns. What happens then? I don’t think it is right for anyone to have someone he or she has dated before close by, especially when you have moved on.

Mosun Filani

Absurd! – Mosun Filani, Actress
It is not a good idea. So I won’t have to think about it. It is just too clumsy for all the parties involved; my friend and my ex and especially me. If they meet on their own, it’s okay, but I won’t spearhead it. The best is that they should not even meet. It is safer for everybody.

CD John

No big deal!- CD John, Comedian
I can do it. What is there? If my friend thinks he has something in common with my ex-girlfriend and asks my opinion, I will give him my candid advice and tell him to go ahead if I’m not having anything to do with her again. The only thing is that I will ask to know what he wants to do with her. If he tells me he like her enough to marry her I will give my blessings. I will definitely speak to my friend about why we broke up, so he will be in the picture. I am not saying I will be a match maker, but i will allow them to live their lives.


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