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What would you do if you discover you married a gay?

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With Florence Amagiya
Lola was a devoted Christian girl. While she was in the university her principle was so obvious by the opposite sex, that none of them dare near her because of her practice. This went on until she met Sammy who proved to be different because he did not worry her about sex. Sammy claimed love making should be consummated between husband and wife after their wedding. So they dated and courted until they finally got married.

Today they are married for two years and she is noticing strange things about Sammy. He hardly ever touches her the way a husband would touch his wife. He acts like the woman whereas he is the man, he wears make- up sometimes and each time she complains, he takes it as if she is insulting him.

It was one fateful day, she unexpectedly went back home to get something for work, she met the shocker of her life, her husband in bed with another man.

Here what our Celebrities and Nigerians have to say…

Bimbo Akintola

I’ll walk out – Bimbo Akintola, Actress
He is a liar if l catch him in that act and the whole marriage in the other is also based on lies. There is nothing to explain to me. I will walk away and not ever look back.

Faith Eriata

Pray he changes – Faith Eriata, Model
If l am married to a man who is gay, then I will know he had always been gay. If he says he needs help because it is not the best to do, then together we shall find help, but if he says he loves the kind of life he is living and that l only came into his life so he can father children. I will walk away.

I might consider staying back if l have children for him who are very young. I will wait until they are of age, then l will walk away from the ungodly union. I won’t stay because I am happy because of what he has done or what he is doing, I will stay because of my children. After all, they did not ask to be born into such home, so they should not pay for it.

Ejiro Okurame

Will quit the marriage – Ejiro Okurame, Actress
Seeing my husband in bed with another man will be the shocker of the year! The fact that the marriage was on a Christian platform would have been better, but it was based on deceits because it’s obvious that he has been a gay all along or even a bisexual.

I can never continue with such a man because he must have gotten married to me just to have ‘a female wife’ in the eyes of the public but in the private he has ‘a male wife’… he is demonic who doesn’t have the fear of God and I cannot continue all in the name of marriage. I will walk away.

Franka Omojefe

Take it to God in prayer – Franka Omojefe, Songwriter
Oops! If my man is cheating on me with a woman, I can try my best by looking deeply within. I will search to see where l have failed him in the role as a wife, mother to his children and to him. A role as his lover because that is what l am to him too. Then l will make corrections and win him over by my changed nature.

But if he is cheating on me with a MAN! What can l possibly do? Where do I start making corrections from? You cannot fight that and hope to win! I will take a bow because l know l have lost the battle. There is nothing I can do about it…Only God can save my marriage and the man at that point.

Lilian Oyen

Will cry my heart out! – Lillian Oyen, Teacher
I certainly cannot bear the fact that l am losing my man to another man. What a shame! Obviously, I am not woman enough to please him sexually. I will cry my heart out and then try to find out from him if these acts started before or after our marriage and if he loves me enough to give his partner up as this will determine my next action.

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