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The magnitude of purpose!

By Debbie Ogunjobi
Every person seeks meaning to their existence, at this time of the year, it’s especially common for all of us to question the why’s the where’s and what’s.

Some of us will be overwhelmed by the energy of the season, the hustle and bustle of keeping up the Christmas cheer is in itself exhausting and those of us who are parents find our energies and finances dissipating while trying so hard to give everyone the perfect experience.

I remember telling a friend that the only sure thing would be that I was going to be the only one without a present under the giant Christmas tree, (not necessarily true as the kids have borrowed money from me to buy me one!!!).

The joy of Christmas can actually cause a lot of angst, if you are a carer. Caring means we feel vested into making the season as beautiful as possible at a great expense for everyone else but us; it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and forgotten.

“How great thou art” is one of my favourite hymns! It’s so easy to see how great God is; everything testifies to that greatness! What is not so easy to see is how great we are!! We don’t look great most times, we don’t sound great half the time, and we don’t feel at all great most days!

At times I look at my tired eyes in the mirror and think what a pale comparison I must be to God’s own beautiful image! I am not a face book person and I have resisted all entreaties to set up a blog; what I have is a small group of friends that I communicate with on Blackberry messenger.

Most people post their hearts on their personal message box and quite a lot of people are feeling overwhelmed; the joy of the season is taking its time to get into people’s hearts. While everyone is indeed, grateful for all that they have and hopeful for the ones they don’t have yet, the mirror of Christmas and the season is making a majority feel overwhelmed and inadequate!

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of a purpose that’s not always so clear! What is our purpose and where and when does fulfilment come in? You see, the real crux is not that we are unsure or overwhelmed by our purpose; we are led in pursuit of different purposes from time to time, so purposes are many.

The crux is the lack of fulfilment that comes after our many achievements and purposes. If you take an average life as an example my point will be clearer. A typical boy begins life, finding purpose in academics and even sporting  pursuits, he excels and the purpose changes to building a career, later on it changes again, finding a mate, as soon as that is achieved the purpose changes to fatherhood and providing!! Purpose is never lacking, fulfilment is what is few and far between.
When you break it down, the fleeting nature of fulfilment is the real crux! I can remember the exhilaration that came with almost every major achievement of my life. Some achievements are so phenomenal that you actually remember screaming and punching the air as you relish the fulfilment that comes with that particular purpose.

The miracle would be to be able to feel that for good all of the time. At a particular age, most purposes no matter the magnitude will be achieved and the fulfilment that comes with them will dissipate leaving us hungry for another and another and another. I call that period of feeling vague, sometimes insignificant and incomplete the running on empty feeling; like a car running on no petrol/gas. In the past month, I’ve had that feeling more than once, the redemption for me came with a lot of meditation and one of my favourite writers, Marianne Williamson, was my guide this month. I am blessed to have her books in the written and audio forms and it’s been enlightening to visit all the old truths I have left behind.

“A return to love” is an amazing book written by Marianne Williamson, it’s a based on another book called “A course in miracles”. Like the name suggests “A return to love” talks about love but not the stupid cupid one!

It talks about fulfilment by returning to God’s love. It emphasises love as the motive for every purpose with the result of any achievement being a restful peace not a hunger for more adrenalin. It urges us to question every purpose and trace the motive back to love.  That way we don’t have milestones or achievements we just enjoy the journey of life. This Christmas, I have found joy in tracing everything back to love. My purpose and the magnificence of it is all love. I love my family, my friends, all of creation and the creator.

My challenges are not a purpose; they are just situations that are subject to change. When you look at life through the eyes of love; you find that you are the exact image of God and that is magnificent! How great God is and how great we all are is very obvious when we return to love. So, this Christmas I share the message I broadcasted to my BB family.
Many will wish you riches, some will wish you joy, and some may wish you merriment and a lot of good cheer. I wish you all of those things, but more importantly I pray that you come into your rest and experience a greater dimension of love; that you find fulfilment and accept that the magnitude and utter magnificence of your purpose is love!

Merry Christmas!
Soli Deo Gloria!!!!


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