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Nigeria is plunging into darkness, says IBB Campaign Organisation

By Emmanuel Aziken
The Ibrahim Babangida Campaign Organisation has expressed concern that the country is plunging more into darkness in the hands of a leader without capacity. The Babangida Presidential Campaign Organisation equally rebuffed claims of economic growth as it accused the government of refurbishing statistics for its own benefit.

The Campaign’s assertion was in reaction to Wednesday’s denouncement of General Babangida’s earlier letter to the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP by the Jonathan/Sambo Campaign Organisation asking the party to uphold the principle of zoning.

The reaction from the IBB Campaign Organisation issued by Prince Kassim Afegbua, Director, Media and Communications read in part:

“It is unfortunate and pathetically disturbing that in this era of flourishing democracy, which guarantees the right to free expression, some persons masquerading under the guise of spokespersons, could still exhibit such a pathological ignorance about issues that are factorising the polity of our dear country.”

Noting what it claimed to be the extreme response of Mr. Sully Abu, Director of Media of the Jonathan/Sambo Campaign, Afegbua said: “His asymmetrical effusions underscored the very reason why the Babangida Campaign Organisation observed that the country is daily plunging into darkness, with decaying moral values, lack of respect for elders, and lack of positive and capacity-driven leadership that needs urgent attention of serious-minded persons.”

“The failing economy with refurbished statistics, presents to Nigerians home and abroad, a very gloomy picture that requires strength of character, courage and vision on the part of the leader to help address these obvious misnomers that are starring us in the face.”

“The verdict and pronouncement of the learned Judge is not only instructive but one that opens new grounds in legal appreciation.

“A serious minded Campaign Organisation would attempt to seek support from a wide array of individuals to get some level of mass endorsement and not recourse to raining abusive phrases and unintelligent innuendos to create panic in the system. Even though Nigerians are aware that leadership recruitment process in the country has become so baleful and ridiculous to the extent that votes no longer count, we will not rest on our oars and allow this unimaginable recklessness to continue to permeate our body politic.”

“We will, in the spirit of nationalistic patriotism, continue to offer services that would help to promote stability and sense in governance. All the persons and offices that Sully Abu now graciously work for today, were and are products from the same zoning arrangement they now bitterly despise. From the office of the President to the smallest office in the land within the PDP, zoning was applied in order to encourage and promote sense of belonging in every member.”

“If they are now trying to remove the ladder with which they climbed to the leadership rostrum, they have their consciences to battle with. They alone carry the moral burden and the weight of history would come to bear on them. It amounts to crass opportunism, ‘long_throatism’, gullibility, and bad_spiritedness for anyone to attempt to shift the goal post at the middle of the game.”


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