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Nigeria on precipice – Bishop Oke

By Samuel Eyoboka
NATIONAL Vice President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, in charge of South- West and General Overseer of Christ Life Church, Bishop Francis Wale Oke, has sounded an alarm of an imminent disintegration of the nation, if care is not taken, ahead of next year’s elections.

He declared that the next one year is very crucial to the corporate existence of Nigeria.
According to him, Nigerian is currently  on a precipice and only concerted prayers of the righteous and a deliberate effort by the generality of Nigerians to do what is just, right, and equitable that can save the nation.

He said: “I have been away from Nigeria for a couple of weeks. I went on a tour of the Holy Land to pray and seek the face of the Lord. I had a very strange encounter with the Lord that prolonged my stay.

“Nigeria is standing at a precipice. The only thing that will save this nation is the prayer of the people of God.”

Addressing newsmen in Lagos after several months spiritual mission abroad, the Ibadan-based gospel minister said 2011 is a make-or-break year for Nigeria, cautioning that it is only the finger of God that would save the nation from the precipice it is currently.

He said: “Things are not well with Nigeria.”

Our unity and democracy are very fragile. There are so much enemies within and without; who do not care about the progress of Nigeria. They just want to use Nigeria for their own selfish end and selfish purposes,” he stated.

According to the fiery preacher, “before the election and immediately after the election, it is only the finger of God that will rescue Nigeria from the looming disaster. I am not a prophet of doom. The danger stares us on the face.”

He, however, added a caveat, saying that the people of God can rescue the day. “There is no situation that God can not handle, but He wants us to call upon Him so that He deal with the looming danger. In the political  and economic rein, we are standing on the precipice, even in terms of security we have multifaceted challenges. So Nigerians should pray and fast,” he warned.

Taking a cursory look at events in the Niger Delta, Bishop Oke said the nation must come to terms with reality and address the festering agitations in the area speedily and develop the area while giving the people from that region a true sense of belonging.

He warned that the current military campaign by the JTF nor any measure put in place to scuttle agitations in the area would eventually come nought because only truth is constant and in this case it is true that the region has been neglected for too long.

“The agitation in that region will never die until they are given a sense of belongings,” he stated even as he argued that for enduring peace to reign in the area the president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan should be allowed to continue in office as a way of letting the people of the Niger know that they belong to the country and can aspire to any office in the land.

“I am not a politician and I am not speaking for any individual. I speak as a servant of God. Come election 2011, Nigerians should give the South South region a chance to rule the country. No matter who the candidate they want to present. I want to make a personal appeal in the name of God.

“Nigeria has produced nine presidents and Heads of States, the South South that has been the food basket of this nation, that has been the economic mainstay of this nation, has not yet produced a president.

“For once, let politicians bury their selfish interest and ambition. Let us think in terms of national interest. Let us as nation make it possible for the South South to rule. After their term, Nigeria will still be alive and there will still be chances for other regions to rule. If Nigeria disintegrates because we want to pursue our selfish ambition, then there will be no Nigeria to rule,” he advised.


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