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How Police D.P.O. shot man to death in Lagos

By Ifeanyi Okolie
Apparently, 31-year-old Oluwafemi Best Olayiwola, who was gruesomely murdered by a Divisional Police Officer, Mohammed Babamala, in front of Onipanu Police Station, last Sunday, had ran into the station for safety, when he sensed danger lurking.  But his life was eventually cut shot as even the policemen on guard could not save him from death.

He was shot severally at his head and abdomen by the Police officer who have been chasing him from an unknown destination.  The officer eventually accosted him at Onipanu Police Station before sending him to the great beyond.

The reasons behind the shooting has remained a puzzle to all, including three occupants of the Honda Odessy space bus both the deceased and his friends were in before the incident took place.  Up till the time of filling this report, they could not provide comprehensive reasons why they were being chased by a tinted glassed Toyota Camry car before they approached Onipanu bus stop.

It was gathered that Femi had attended a  party late Saturday night,  in company of his younger brother and two other women, and on their way back, they lifted two other people whom they later dropped off.  They also picked up two other friends whom they dropped at Mushin.

Oluwafemi (The deceased)

The deceased elder brother, Olawole Olayiwola told Crime Alert that after his brother noticed a Toyota Camry tailing him from Jibowu Bus_stop and  the car was also  flashing his headlight indicating that he should stop, he  couldn’t stop because it was still very early in the morning and they day was dark.

“ The glass of the tailing car was tinted and they could not see the face of the occupant, but Femi and the rest, decided to ignore the sign and they kept on moving.

The pressures were much and they decided to stop at the Onipanu Police Station but, unknown to them, the occupant of that vehicle who happened to be the DPO of Olosho police Station in Mushin, alighted first and ran over my brother who was still inside his car and without any comment, shot him severally from outside and the bullet pierced the drivers door, hit my bother at the left abdomen and on his head.

At that point, other occupants of the car bolted for safety and when they returned, Femi had already passed away.  Ever since, I have been trying to decipher the reason behind the shooting.   I could not.  You can see how terrible policemen could be. I want the authorities to ask him why he killed my brother.  I doubt if they knew themselves before now. Often we have seen the police parade suspects of any sort on the television; we want them to ask this DPO to tell us why he shot my brother dead”, he lamented.

The death of Femi Best has sparked off series of violent protests within  Shomolu Local Government Area of  the State and the State House of Assembly in Alausa,  Ikeja.   Angry youths in the area are using the opportunity to express their displeasure over the terrible manner at which the police in their area have being treating them.

The youths in their hundreds were said to have barricaded the road and demanded that the killer cop be handed over to them for instant justice.

A resident of the area,  Wale Adebola, told Crime Alert that  the area  have suffered massive police intimidation and killing for too long and nobody is saying anything about it.   “ This is one killing  too many and we must stand against it.  We have suffered too much from this policemen working at Onipanu, Alade and Pedro Stations.

Just two weeks ago, an Okada rider was killed  by a drunken police officer from Alade police Station.   He and the occupant of his motorcycle were shot , but he died and the occupant survived.

After that,  the police attempted labeling them as armed robbers, before their family revolted.  You can’t pass through the Onipanu area at night, because the policemen will harass you and some times, they will intimidate you and take all your belongings.   If they find laptop or blackberry phone with you, they will seize it and when you go to their DPO’s,  they will refer you back to the officer.

It is so painful and the authorities have to checkmate their activities. At present we are more scared of the police than armed robbers, because they are not friendly to us at all.”

We are currently  embarking on  peaceful protests, in other to draw  the attention of the authorities to our plight.    Today we were at the State House of Assembly  and we have given the police two weeks ultimatum to fish out the killer of Femi or we will be forced to be violent.    I learnt the police officer involved have been arrested and I am sure the police might want to treat him fairly. They must understand that we are not kidding.  This injustice must stop.”

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Police Lagos State Command, Mr. Marvel Akoyibo, yesterday paid a condolence visit to the deceased family at Alafia lane Shomolu, Lagos and he assured that the command will do its best to unravel the circumstances surrounding the killing. He also said that he will not condone any act of indiscipline within its officers and whoever uses the firearm wrongly will be on his own.


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