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Guinness VIP is a new twist in consumer connection – Guinness DCR

The Stout industry has in recent time been throwing out campaigns that tend to interact with consumers. Guinness on its part introduced a new dimension to connect with  consumers, thereby  bringing the Guinness VIP, a mobile telephone interactive platform to fore, Princewill Ekwujuru spoke with Mr. Tony Okwoju, Director, Corporate Relations (DCR) on the new platform and its impact on the marketing Communications industry. Read on.

Guinness recently unveiled ‘Guinness VIP’, what does it entail?

For the brand, Guinness VIP is an important platform that we just rolled out to create a level of satisfaction and delight our numerous Guinness drinkers. It is a platform that provides the opportunity for our consumers to belong to a community where they can get the latest information on everything, especially as it relates to football.

Aside being an information bank, it is also an opportunity for customers to make friends, chat and connect. Beyond this, it also offers opportunity for competitions that would qualify participants for good prizes.

What informed it and why are you introducing it now. Did you intentionally target this period of the year?

Why not now? This is a unique innovation that would provide unrivaled experience to consumers. As you know, Guinness is 251 year old as a brand. From day one, it has always been in the lead, when it comes to creating new opportunity for consumers to enjoy the brand.

In the past, you must have heard of different Advertising that is not only entertaining but also positively impactful. There was a recent one; Udeme another on e that plays around Guinness’ power of greatness, this is just a continuation of the innovative approach that Guinness had always had in the past towards delighting consumers.

What is unique about this particular one?

Again, you will agree with me that Nigeria’s growth in the area of mobile marketing and telephoning has impacted on a lot of things in our communication as a people.  Over the past years, the country has somewhat become one of the fastest growing markets in term of use of mobile phones.

Based on this background, we see this provision as an advantage to launch this innovative idea. To put it in a simple way, Guinness VIP programme is predicated on the use of wap enabled mobile phones as a qualification to become a member of a forum, through which you get information and connect with friends to get all the news you need.

This naturally takes us to the next question, what exactly does the brand intends to achieve from this.?

It is a simple thing; we want to continue with the old tradition, like we have always done, to deepen the emotional affinity between the brand and its consumers.

Like I said earlier, it is the recognition of the fact that there exists now a platform that would be interactive and creative about the brand and the consumers.

An engaging platform that is IT based platform for consumers to interrelate among themselves. Now what is the insight? The insight is that there is now and even bigger opportunity to interrelate and interact with the consumers and the consumers to interact with themselves.

Is it within a particular frame of time or a life-long initiative?

Yes, it is an idea that is going to be forever. What is expected is to have wap enabled mobile phone and just text yes to 1759? Immediately this is done, then you are a member on the platform forever.


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