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Defence Minister warns against politicising stolen DDC machines

By Dayo Johnson
AKURE — DEFENCE Minister, Prince Adetokunbo Kayode, SAN, weekend, warned against  politicisation the stealing of the Data Capturing Machines at the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos, describing the perpetrators as petty robbers.

Kayode, who was in Akure, however, described the theft “as one of the challenges of internal security and those that perpetrated it were petty robbers.”

He said government was doing everything to address the internal security at various airports, warning authorities of the airports to brace up and leave up to expectations.

According to him, “internal security is one of the biggest challenges we have in this country. That is why we have not left everything to the police alone. Mr. President has directed all the armed forces to support the police to ensure that our internal democracy is stabilised.

“Theft in any airport is normal but it is not acceptable, but it is common. What happened was that some petty criminals stole some computers. Though they have all been arrested, it just showed that it is not uncommon.

“Many times you travel outside the country and you discover that your bag is missing. In fact some airports are even worse; you have to hold on to your trousers because before you know it your trouser is gone.

“I don’t want us to read political meanings to the issue, it was common criminals that stole the computers. These are equipment being supplied by a contractor that has not been delivered to the electoral body.”

While commenting on the forthcoming primaries of the party, Prince Adetokunbo said the party was ready to field best candidates in next year’s general elections.

The Minister assured that the party would allow for internal democracy where a level playing field would be provided for all the aspirants.

He said that all the political parties in the country are facing the challenges of internal democracy, adding: “the smaller parties are worse than the PDP when it comes to internal democracy.

“Internal Democracy is a challenge to all political parties; it will be foolish for any party to think that it is only PDP that has the problem of internal democracy. The PDP is huge and have bigger challenges than all these small parties.

‘The small parties that control two or three states are not better than the PDP in terms of internal democracy. What is presently happening in the folds of the Action Congress of Nigeria in Lagos state is a good example. There were protests because some people said they were being sidelined.

He added the people of the Ondo state would vote enmasse for Mr. President irrespective of their party affiliations because of his determination to transform the nation from its present state to a highly viable country in terms of infrastructural development.

The Minister said the people of Ondo State would support his candidacy because he posses the best credentials among those jostling for the exalted positions.

According to him ‘the voting pattern in Ondo state has always remain the same. When it comes to Presidential candidate, we always go the same way without party affiliation. I am very sure that those in the Labour Party and other political parties in the state will support President Goodluck Jonathan”.


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