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Atiku’s politics of entitlement (2)

WHEN their candidate was roundly defeated by Barack Obama on the November 4, 2008 United States Presidential election, at the concession speech of Senator McCain, you could observe a lot of his supporters were bitter, not because their candidate lost the election, but because he lost to a blackman! Most of them were crying ‘how could this happen? How can this black man rule ‘our’ America’? To them America belongs to the white man, period.

It was after that incident that the slogan “we want to take our country back” started making waves. To the racist whites, it was desecration of the White House to allow a black man to occupy it. This is what Atiku and his supporters are implying.

Article 7.2 of the PDP constitution that made for the rotational presidency is not superior to the Constitution of the Federal Republic Nigeria. Section 1 of our constitution provides that our constitution is supreme to any other law. In other words, any law made by any group in violation of the Nigeria’s constitution, to the extent of that violation is void.

Our constitution gives every citizen right to vote and be voted for in elections. This means that every Nigerian has a right to aspire for any elective post in Nigeria including that of the presidency. I believe that when PDP added that Article 7.2 in their constitution, they were thinking ‘north’ instead of thinking Nigeria. In fact, their thinking is that PDP is superior to Nigeria.

Now we know how desperate Atiku could be. Instead of counting delegates, he appears to have seen the handwriting on the wall. He could already smell defeat. Before, he thought that having manipulated the Northern Elders Forum to pick him as the Northern candidate, that being the candidate for the old order is the only thing he needs in order to get the nomination.

Also he thought that every northern politician would line up behind him just for the asking. But they got news for him; it is not going to work. Not this time. People are beginning to be wise. What has he done for Nigeria? In fact, what has he done for his northern brothers? How many outside his immediate family has he sent to school? What developmental stride has he attracted to his constituency?

Their age long strategy is to keep the poor masses in the north in the dark to better exploit them. The cabals do not want to liberate their own people so that they would keep the power for themselves. They know that liberation of the north and Nigeria is coming and they want to stop it. You cannot stop a moving train without being consumed by its fury!

He is touting himself as fighting against the status quo. Who is the status quo?His song of violence is a sign that things are not going well in the Atiku Camp. I don’t think that he understands what he wishes for. I hope he understands the consequences of his call for arms or his drumming for war. He was on the safe side during the Nigerian/Biafran war so he does not fully understand that war is about life and death.

I hope he is ready to match his war rhetoric with action. If he believes in violent revolution, he must bring his family  back from their comfort in Dubai, London and United States. Let him lead the charge. He should not use other people’s children to fight his selfish and irrational battle.

It has always been the modus of these privileged fat cats to use the poor and the uneducated ones to fight their battles only for them to be dumped if they are even lucky to be alive. His statement threatens national security and also threatens the corporate existence of Nigeria. Nigeria fought a bitter war to keep the country one. Nigeria must quell any threat to its national security.

Any reasonable government would not stand by and watch politicians inciting the public to resort to violence to hold the country to ransom.  The PDP primary is not the general election. As they would say, it is their family affair. Winning the PDP presidential primary does not automatically mean winning the presidency, just as being the choice candidate of the north does not guarantee PDP nomination.

Atiku or even former dictator Ibrahim Babangida must be made to understand that no individual or even group of individuals is bigger than Nigeria. No one is above the law of the land. They have milked the country dry, what else do they want from the country that has bled for their stupendous wealth? Nigerians are watching and Nigerians are waiting.


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