By Emmanuel Aziken, Political Editor and DAPO AKINREFON
GOVERNOR Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola of Osun State has promised to redirect the course of governance in the State in the direction of human and social development of the people after what he claims to be seven and a half years of directionless administration.

Aregbesola who was yesterday declared Governor of the State will equally at his inauguration today, demand quick electoral reforms as a way of avoiding in the future what he describes as the needless pain and terror visited on the people of Osun State.

Aregbesola will also use the occasion of his inauguration today to pay homage to living and dead agents of the progressive movement in the country. He will particularly cite those who died in the process of the actualisation of his mandate.

While admitting the hurt on the populace, Aregbesola in the speech would call for reconciliation.

“Great people of Osun State, in the days to come, we shall make far-reaching decisions and announcements about this government and the route it will chart. We have won a great victory, no doubt. But after that victory, what next?

Rauf Aregbesola

For me and for all of us, it is work, work and more work!  For the past seven and a half years, this state has been drifting – drifting under a directionless, yet reckless leadership.  For too long, our people helplessly watched as soul-less power merchants, who masquerade as leaders; hold them by the jugular but do nothing good except terrorizing them at will.

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“Today, ladies and gentlemen, youths and elders, the long wait is over.  The long, dark night of mis-governance, of hopelessness, of tyranny and terror is over.

“The long awaited dawn, as envisaged by our late Sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, has now arrived. Now, it is the dawn of democracy; the dawn of fulfillment; the dawn of freedom; the dawn of liberty; the dawn of probity and accountability; the dawn of popular will and the dawn of happiness. The era of progressive, positive, focused accountable and people friendly government is here!

“Today is a day to treasure.  Today is a day to toast.  Today is a day to celebrate.  Again, I congratulate you, the doughty and courageous people of our land!  But I also congratulate the brave Judiciary for the umpteenth time, undoing the deliberate evil Maurice Iwu-led Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has done.  I thank the Judiciary for doing a most patriotic duty of energizing our democracy by making our votes count, thus returning sovereignty to the people. This no doubt has mitigated the possible import of the General Olusegun Obasanjo motivated do-or-die politics.

“However, the big lesson the nation has to learn from the brazen licentiousness and untoward tendencies that were brought to taint the conduct of the affairs of the nation is the imperative for electoral reforms.  The needless pains and terror visited on the Osun state people in the last 42 months and the threat to the collective integrity of the judiciary could have been averted had the Nigeria electoral system been attuned to the realities of our time and made to protect its own sanctity.”

While calling for reconciliation, the new governor said, “My good people of Osun State, let me state that today is not a day of vengeance, but a day of reconciliation. Therefore, we call on the good people of Osun State to now redirect their energy to rebuilding the state that has been led down since 2003.

I implore you, with profound reverence to Oduduwa to let peace and calm reign.” Excerpts of the speech to be delivered by the governor revealed.

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