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Vandalism: PHCN challenges communities of workers’ culpability

By Daniel Alfred

The Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, has challenged communities and residents accusing its workers of culpability in the series of equipment vandalism in the state.

The challenge is coming amid fresh accusations by residents of Surulere that some unscrupulous PHCN workers collude with vandals to damage electricity equipment in the area, thus throwing them into almost perpetual darkness.

The Human Resource Manager of the district, Mr. Equere Imoh, denying the collusion of workers in the dastard act, in turn accused the community of trading blames for their negligence in the matter.

He told Vanguard, “This is no longer a new issue that is the reason we asked that every transformer be fenced, even though this does not limit the rate of vandalism. Mind you, the fact that there is burglary proof does not stop people from stealing; rather, the essence is to give the owners or the community enough time to raise alarm when any vandal is caught in the act.”

Furthermore, he challenged, “If they are sure of their allegation and what they are saying, they should come out and say if they have entrapped any PHCN official at any point. The case is very simple; all they need to do if they catch any of them, they should torture them seriously until they mention the names of those who sent them.”

Imoh argued that since no PHCN official has been caught in the act, it is a blasphemy to accuse them, adding that residents should instead, look inwards within the community for such vandals before making unsubstantiated claims.

Some residents in Surulere over the weekend expressed their frustrations against constant vandalism of electricity equipment, adding that they were tired of paying and fixing power cables that will soon be damaged or stolen as they alleged that PHCN officials are solely involved in the act.

Although Business Manager of the Surulere District, and spokesperson were not available for comments when Vanguard visited, but some of the officials in spoke on the condition of anonymity, insisted that privatisation was the key to all the electricity woes in the country.


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