November 1, 2010

Now Nigerians can draw the curtains on mosquitoes

…as Vestergaard launches PermaNet net curtains


With the introduction of a new PermaNet® Net Curtains in the Nigeria market, Nigerians can now draw their curtains on mosquitoes courtesy of Vestergaard Frandsen, a leading innovator of disease-control textiles.

The newly introduced PermaNet® Net Curtains is designed to give consumers a 24 hour protection against malaria when put into use.

Presenting the curtains in Lagos last week, the Regional Manager, Consumer Division Vestergaard Frandsen, Mr. Isaac Ola who noted that malaria is a global concern as statistics have shown that a child dies every 45 seconds from the disease said the introduction of PermaNet® net curtains as a complimentary product to PermaNet® bed nets is to curb the prevalence of the disease and reduce the mortality rates in the most at-risk population which are pregnant women and children between 0-5years who are the most vulnerable to the disease.

According to him, “The PermaNet® Net Curtains and PermaNet® Bed Nets when used together repels both mosquitoes and house flies giving 24hrs complete family protection from malaria and other neglected tropical diseases”.

By using PermaNet® Net Curtains, consumers are protected from the day-biting vectors by while PermaNet® Bed Net kill and repel night-biting mosquitoes. Thus, the curtain and bed net compliment each other by providing day and night protection against malaria.

PermaNet® Net Curtains are long lasting factory pre-treated nets which kill and repel mosquitoes and also add beauty to the home where it is hung. The Net Curtain is the new innovation from the stable of Vestergaard Frandsen products that are specially designed for consumer usage.

The net curtain is 100 per cent polyester, comes in six different colours which complements the aesthetics of the room where it is hung. It also comes in various sizes. This product is on sale in all leading Pharmacies, Supermarkets and Stores nation wide.Vestergaard Frandsen Launches PermaNet® Net Curtains in Nigeria.

He further explained that that Vestergaard Frandsen is an organisation that is deeply concerned with the health of  the citizens everywhere regardless of whether they have operation there or not.