By Chioma Gabriel,  Deputy Editor
Comrade Joseph Evah, National Coordinator of Ijaw Monitoring Group  says the Ijaws who are seeking the support of others to help Jonathan’s presidential ambition have no moral right to  fight Uduaghan.

In your opinion, how will you describe the court judgement against Dr. Uduaghan?

I have nothing against the judgement. The judgement says the contestants  should return to the field to face the masses. The judgement did not say somebody defeated Uduaghan like the case of Ondo, Edo and Ekiti States. The Appeal Court judgement is like the Supreme Court judgement in the Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan case.

There is no election that is perfect but it is when your opponent is declared the winner, that is when you begin to accuse him of stolen  mandate. You are aware that even the late Yar’Adua openly stated that the election that brought him and Jonathan to power experienced malpractice and that they are lucky that the Supreme Court did not annul their election.

Are you confident that Deltans will return Uduaghan considering the strong opposition against him in the state?

Uduaghan is not facing opposition from the masses. He is facing opposition from few elites who want to enter

Joseph Evah

office or control office. It is normal for people to struggle for office and that is what they are doing. None of them can claim to love the people of Delta more. There is no magic they will perform. So all the sweet talks are for selfish interests. There is none of them that has not held public office before and they did no magic in  office.

The court has declared that everybody should  go back to the field. But I can assure they are not ready to go to the field because they can’t mobilise people to support their them. Instead they will be working underground for  the party ticket to  be given to them. We have over 30 political parties and if you are popular like Mimiko of Ondo State , then why can’t you contest on another party platform?

People are saying the ijaws are against Uduaghan and they will use the President against him?

Ijaw people know the importance of Uduaghan’s election to Goodluck Jonathan 2011 ambition. So our people are solidly behind Uduaghan. Goodluck also knows  that  if Ijaw people are against Uduaghan, other tribes in the region will also see Ijaw people as selfish, greedy and wicked people who want others to work for them to produce the country’s President while they kick against others’ interest. So President Jonathan will never do anything against the interest of a particular tribe in the region. The President has the fear of the Almighty God and he wants unity among the tribes.

Some people might want to say Uduaghan influenced  you into supporting him

Let me tell you, I was the spokesman of Ijaw National Congress (INC) when Abacha killed Ken Saro-wiwa. And we confronted Abacha. Nobody can influence me to speak the truth at all timesof what happened when the President was the governor of Bayelsa State.

Ijaw leaders and our people gave him a reception at the Golden Gate in Ikoyi and some opposition politicians were saying that Goodluck Jonathan must have bribed Ijaw leaders to give him the reception and when the President was to speak at the reception, he openly said the evidence that he did not bribe anybody to give him reception was my physical presence at the reception.

He said and I quote “if anybody say I bribe people to come here, at least there is one person that everybody knows that can never be bribed and that is Comrade Joseph Evah and so if Evah is here, it means I bribed nobody for this honour given to me” and there was ovation and clapping. It was one of the greatest testimony by anybody to my life as an activist and today the man who gave that testimony is Mr. President.

I have challenged Uduaghan several times and criticized  him. I have criticized Mr. President several times even after he gave that testimony about me.

When the judgement day  came for Uduaghan’s election,  I said God, since Uduaghan has over -worked  himself and refused  to rest as governor, please use this means to make him relax before he resumes office. So God knows  why he should rest and resume within the next 90 days.

The good people of Delta should stand firm and  return Uduaghan so that all the tribes in the state will have the opportunity to move to government house for unity and harmony. If you compare the performance of all the governors since 2007 to date, Uduaghan has performed well and his performance will make mobilization easy for him.

He has projects to use to campaign. People who have nothing to use to campaign will ask PDP, EFCC, INEC, OAU, United Nations, Common Wealth or ICPC to disqualify him so that they can have easy access  to power. We will stop them at all cost from using Gestapo tactics. We are confident that Uduaghan performed  in office and testimonies of that abound.


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