Hassan Suleiman and Hussaini Suleiman Kangiwa are identical twin brothers. While Hassan was Comptroller of Immigration, Hussaini was Comptroller of Customs. Both have since retired and joined politics. Meeting one or both of them at any given time is interesting because each of them speaks was for the other in most cases.

In this interview with Saturday Vanguard, Hassan and Hussaini Suleiman Kangiwa both of them recently defected from PDP to CPC said that Governor Sa’idu Dakingari has killed the PDP in Kebbi state and therefore, he and his party, the PDP would be history in Kebbi state after the 2011 election. Excerpts:

You were in the ANPP and defected to the PDP. This time, you have left the PDP for CPC. Why these defections? Your twins say you want to be governor of Kebbi state at all cost?

At all cost? No. God gives power to whom He wills and at the time He wills. Decisions to defect from one party are products of many factors. One, it depends on the type of the house (party); the attitude of the care-taker and other occupants of the house (the party). For the PDP in Kebbi state, the care-taker (the Governor) is neither hospitable nor accountable to the people that entrusted the Government House to him.

But what would you say is the reason for leaving a party for another? This I ask because you first joined politics and aspired to become Governor on the platform of ANPP in the 2007 election. You left to join PDP even before the election. Now, just a few days ago, both of you, Hassan and Hussaini decamped to CPC. Why?

It’s no desperation. If I want to contest election in a fair environment, I will do that believing that under that fair elective atmosphere, I will win overwhelmingly. Let me give you a brief story. I retired as Comptroller of Immigration Service in 2006 and returned home to join politics. I joined the ANPP when Aliero was Governor. I then declared my intension to contest the Governorship of the state on the platform of the ANPP. On the day, the crowd spoke of my position in the politics of Kebbi state.

The gathering was said to be the biggest political gathering ever in the history of Kebbi state. But as fraudulent as the leadership in the party was, a Kangaroo primary election was organized where the present Governor, Alhaji Saidu Dakingari emerged winner under very dubious and questionable circumstances. Since I was fresh from public service and not used to such fraudulent attitudes, I felt that I did not belong there.

I left the ANPP to join the PDP. A few weeks later, Governor Aliero, Dakingari and a host of others also decamped to the PDP. Dakingari was imposed on the people. We supported him in the spirit of brotherhood and for being in the same party. We did everything possible and he became a Governor. But so far as you can see, he has failed and we have dissociated ourselves from his failure and the failure of PDP in the state and moved to CPC.

You did everything possible for him to become Governor, including rigging?

Only unpopular candidates rig elections. I challenge you to go round Kebbi state and ask about our (Yan Tagwayen Kangiwa’s) popularity. We have the people. We urged them to put everything behind them and support Dakingari. They listened to us and did just what we asked of them.

So, you left PDP for the CPC because of someone you made Governor, shouldn’t you rather have worked with the members of the House to…?

(Interrupts) He has become, arrogant and his attitude has become intolerable. The PDP government in Kebbi state is not only inept and devilish but also has no interest of the people of the state at heart. The Governor has no listening ears and does not respect the yearnings and aspirations of the people that elected him to power. The youth are jobless. For him, the traditional leaders are valueless and the farmers, traders and workers have not enjoyed the support and motivation of government. You just wait and see how the people will impeach him in the next election.

You don’t trust that the members can do your bidding by impeaching him?

Let me tell you, a sizeable number of the members of the House are leaving the party. All the serving Commissioners in the state, except three, are leaving the PDP for CPC because no one is comfortable with the way Dakingari is handling the administration.

But some people are not complaining or are they?

I think you have done your investigation very well. Go and consult with the people, seek their views about this administration and Dakingari. Anyone you see in PDP today in Kebbi state is only tolerating things for some time, otherwise, why would a serving Commissioner want to leave?

If as you claimed you contributed to making him governor, why did you find it difficult advising him rather then leaving the party?

I have had the opportunity to advise the Dakingari on many issues of state importance but such advice had always met blocked ears. For example, when the Sokoto State Governor was running helter-skelter to ameliorate the plight of flood victims there, Dakingari was sleeping in his house at the same time that the same calamity struck parts of Kebbi.

And when the flood struck, we had to go to his house to bring him out. He donated the sum of N1 million to victims of the flood in Kebbi state. We donated N10 million. And you say that this is a Governor for the people? There are elders in this state. Dakingari does not listen to them. He feels he knows all.

Why the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC?

CPC is the only party that could bring meaningful change to Kebbi state insofar as Dakingari remains in the PDP. CPC will produce the next governor in Kebbi state, God willing.

Have you considered the power of incumbency attached to which are abundant finances and a likely loyalty by security agencies in the state?

Incumbency in Kebbi state is not a threat to the people this time around. We believe in both the INEC and unbiased nature of the security agencies. We believe that these cannot toy with the general security of the state. They cannot joke with the yearnings of the people.

Let’s get back to your relationship with Dakingari. It is alleged that you are angry with him because he has refused to give you contract and that he has always insisted that things must be done the right way.

Wrong! As businessmen, we do not rely on executing government contracts. And if you say that Dakingari insists in doing things right, why did he dissolve the local government elected chairmen and councils before the expiration of their tenure and replaced them with people he felt comfortable with?

You call that a right thing? The State High Court directed that his action was wrong and that he should reinstate them to complete their tenure. He refused to obey court order. You also call that a right act? Emirs, elders and other opinion leaders advised him to reinstate them yet, he refused. This is also doing the right thing?


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