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Drugs are better and safer than arms and ammunition

By Ebele Orakpo

‘’Our politricians oh, sorry, politicians are at it again!” exclaimed Austin. “The 2011 elections are round the corner and our do-or-die politicians are working round the clock to make sure they win by all means, legal and illegal,” he said, reacting to the news about the 13 containers bearing arms seized at the ports.

“From what I can see, the elections could be bloody,” noted Jude to which Deji quickly countered: “God forbid. We will not allow that to happen.”

“But we’ve always known it’s a do-or-die affair in Nigeria,” said Gladys. “Imagine bringing in 13 containers of arms and ammunition, including rocket launchers, cartridges and hand grenades into the country. What do you expect?” she asked rhetorically.

“What? Tell me you are joking,” cried Mercy. “It’s no joke,” Austin replied. “I was at the port when security agents intercepted the containers and were inspecting the contents. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought it was a Nollywood movie scene unfolding before my eyes, but alas, it was real.”

“God will not allow them to bury this one. The importers must be fished out. At least we know they are flesh and blood and not spirits,” stated Chris. “I bet you, after a few days, we will not hear anything about it again,” said Jude.

Said Chris: “Oh, you haven’t heard? Already, reports say that Israeli military officials said the containers were meant for Gaza Strip and not Nigeria.”

“O yeah? That’s just great! How can such consignment leave Iran  or wherever, on its way to Gaza and miraculously finds its way into Nigeria? Not that it was passing by, the ship actually berthed, the containers offloaded and the ship moved on. So what are we talking about? Do they think they are dealing with a confederacy of dunces?. Please, they should be more intelligent than that,” stated Iyke.

“The government must ensure that this investigation does not go the way of others. They must make sure they get to the root of it and bring the evil-minded people to book,” said Deji.

“The funny thing is that the manifest says ‘building materials,’ noted Austin.

“Ehen! What’s the opposite of destructive material? Is it not building material? Okey asked sarcastically.

Said Austin: “We are progressing. From letter bomb to car bomb and now grenades. Do you know that grenades are so destructive that just five planted in the National Stadium can bring down the entire structure and everything in it? God help us!”

“One thing I know is that all those seeking power by all means will perish. Enough of their selfish and devilish acts. If they kill all those they are supposed to lead, who then will they lead? Corpses?” queried Glory. “They will not succeed. Thank God for exposing the arms and ammunition. I pray that He will also expose all those behind the importation and their purpose,” said Mercy.

“We already have so much arms and ammunition in the wrong hands and we are bringing in more? What are these people really after?” asked Gladys.

“One thing, POWER. That’s what they are after. What bothers me is the recycling of the same old faces. Industrial recycling is great but political recycling is stifling to say the least. We are tired of all those tried and tired hands. We need fresh blood and fresh faces. How can we keep having the same old faces? Are they the only ones in Nigeria? What new magic are they going to perform that they have not performed before now? Nigerians are wiser today than they were yesterday. We are watching and waiting,” stated Okey.

“The media should not let-up on this arms matter. They should follow it to its logical conclusion. Who brought in the arms and for what purpose?” declared Deji.

“This is Nigeria where the more you look the less you see. Was it not in this country that a container- load of Nigerian currencies was brought in and today, nobody knows what became of it?” asked Austin.

“Is that not better than arms? Even drugs are better and safer. Anyway, my prayer is that all those who are planning evil against our beloved nation will perish with their plans,” concluded Jude at which everyone chorused a loud AMEN!


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