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Dangote ventures into fertilizer production to boost agriculture

To ensure self-sufficiency in food production in Nigeria, Dangote Group has ventured into the production of fertilizer for the country’s numerous farmers.

fertilizer farm

The move, according to the group’s President and Chief Executive, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, is to boost the agricultural sector, make the country self-sufficient in food production and also export its produce to  neighbouring African countries.

The first step to actualize the vision, according to him, is the building of a fertilizer plant in Edo state, which when completed will produce two million tonnes of fertilizer. The fertilizer plant, according to him, will have a multiplier effect on the economy and transform the lives of farmers.

“The raw materials are so vast that we have not even scratched the surface. Can you imagine when a farmer gets fertilizer on time and get the right quality? Right now farmers get whatever fertilizer they are given. But we need to know that the fertilizer that will work in Jigawa State may not work appropriately in Adamawa. They don’t have the same soil type. And the same fertilizer you use for sorghum might not be the same fertilizer you will use for sugar,” he said.

With an assurance that Dangote Group will fill in the gap and supply quality fertilizer that will meet the needs of the farmers, he expressed optimism that the growth of the agricultural sector will greatly improve the economy.

“By the time we have this fertilizer plant on ground, the economy will go high up, since agriculture is already contributing 46-47 percent to the GDP,” he asserted.

Revealing his determination to continue his massive investment in the country, Dangote said: “Nigeria is very good for investment. I have more confidence in Nigeria than in any other country. I will keep investing. You can make more money than anywhere in the world. But you have to work hard, it doesn’t come easy. If it’s that easy we won’t be where we are today. At Dangote, we like to face challenges and I can tell you that the challenges in Nigeria are massive.

I have looked at photographs of mine 10 years ago and I discovered that I had no grey hairs until I started manufacturing, until I started industries. But we still thank God; success doesn’t come easy, it comes with a price. Part of the big price is that is that you won’t have a rest…”

Dangote Group, it would be recalled recently listed 15.5 billion of its shares on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)to deepen the capital market to the tune of N2.1 trillion.

Dangote has demonstrated leadership qualities in any field that it chooses to play in. For instance, the Dangote brand is an undisputed leader in the cement, sugar and salt industry in Nigeria. It has also claimed a large chunk of the market share in the pasta business with massive investments in cutting-edge technology.


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