In the words of a reputable philosopher, Jean Jacques Rousseau, “patience is bitter but its fruits sweet”. Little wonder, philosophers are right in their mathematic of trust.

Although majority of philosophers differ in their analysis on how trust can be sustained, the consensus is that trust is vital for the survival of any form of social interaction or relationship.

This important human virtue develops gradually through constant interaction that can easily be destroyed if poorly managed.

In the Nigeria of today, trust is becoming a scarce virtue among politicians and social critics as most of them hardly keep to promises even at the best of relationship.

The pertinent question one may ask is that who can one then trust without running the risk of disappointment? The most painful thing in life is to be betrayed, ridiculed or blackmailed by a trusted one you painstakingly labored to support or train to fame or prominence.

Although, these days not many politicians and job seekers are willing to wear the cloak of success while waiting for the success but from experience, the sweetest of all fruits is the one allowed to mature by itself. I decided to go philosophical to intimate the reader on the level of treachery, insincerity, sophisticated hypocrisy, high scale dishonesty and scientific betrayal going on in Bauchi politics.

Victim of those treacherous politicians is the governor of the State, Isa Yuguda who at the inception of the PDP in 1999, made use of his resources, compassion and goodwill to support majority of those who attained prominence in politics at the Local, State and National levels.

Most of those holding political appointments in the Goodluck administration or in the National and State Assemblies attained such positions from the influence of Yuguda. Ironically, most of those beneficiaries of the benevolence are working secretly to undermine his political fortune as a way of paying him back.

To be more candid, majority of those opposing Yuguda and the Goodluck project in Bauchi State were hitherto  hungry and jobless but clothed, supported and fed by Yuguda to attain positions ordinarily they could not have attained. Part of their grouse is that Yuguda has curved a nitche for himself and entrusted with the coordination of the Goodluck presidential project in the North_East sub_region against their wish.

They may be right having lost out in the power game, but that should not be taken to the highest level of hatred forgetting the fact that they belong to the same party (PDP). It is hypocritical for any person to point an accusing finger on Yuguda for protecting and projecting the interest of Bauchi State at the national level and campaigning for the success of the Goodluck project in the North_East sub_region for national unity.

Today, those politicians for Yuguda’s influence have constituted themselves into clogs in the wheel of Bauchi State progress.

For instance, one of those political neophytes parading himself as a gubernatorial aspirant, had of recent attacked the personality of Governor Yuguda and even attempted to distort facts on the pages of newspapers ostensibly for cheap support. To an ordinary Bauchi State electorate, he is one of those political merchants parading the streets of Nigerian cities for recognition.

Since his defeat in the 2007 senatorial election, he lost touch with reality and kept a distance from the people until this time around. Unknowingly to him, the electorates see him as part of the problems Yuguda inherited in 2007.

Presently, most of the electorates are more interested to having an organized televised public debate amongst political office aspirants rather than listening to mischief as a campaign strategy.

What is more pleasant to Bauchi electorate is that Governor Yuguda has redeemed his 2007 campaign promises and still providing more to the people.

As a commentator on public affairs, I state that the best administration ever in Bauchi State in service delivery is that of Yuguda which forms part of an objective analysis.

One can recall what transpired in 1998, majority of those claiming to be key players in the state politics were only running errands with few in active politics.

In the 1999 elections, those claiming relevance today, could not deliver their respective wards to their party, PDP but hurriedly submitted their curriculum vitae after victory from the sweat of others for appointments.

The same politicians consciously defeated the PDP in 2007 at the general elections and now regrouping to repeat same act in 2011 through an attempt to fight Governor Yuguda and President Goodluck.

Whatever grudge they may have against Yuguda and Goodluck, one thing is certain that the duo remain respected in Nigerian politics. For instance, in three years, Yuguda restored hope to the hopeless, brought food on the table of the downtrodden and smiles to many faces. Indeed, Yuguda rekindled hope in the masses of the people with several poverty intervention initiatives that are sources of pride to the beneficiaries.

The other aspect of the grudge is the control of the PDP machinery in the State. As an erudite politician with the interest of the people rooted deeply in his heart, Yuguda resisted all attempts to entrust the party machinery to wrong hands.

The Party executive he inherited was dissolved and sanity restored. A fresh election was conducted to move the party forward. The old order preferred to sort it out in the court but received a bashing.

Their interest to use the party machinery to lubricate their individual and political interests were dashed.

At any rate, Bauchi electorates are analyzing the situation preparatory for 2011. Yuguda’s appointment as North_East coordinator was based on the strength of his political prowess coupled with his closeness to the electorates. Those that betrayed the electorate are those that abandoned their mandate for lucrative appointments and to deceive President Goodluck to believing falsehood against Yuguda.

*Sanusi is the Senior Special Assistant to Governor Yuguda on Media/Publicity Affairs


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