By Akpokona Omafuaire, Warri
Like the Biblical woman with the issue of blood, Ms Nsifon Edet Peters, a 21-year-old widow stormed the Uyo township stadium, venue of the South-South Solidarity Rally for President Goodluck Jonathan/Sambo on  September 13, convened by South-South Leader, Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark.

Her mission was not to touch Christ but to attract government and public attention to her ailing daughter, little Victoria Asuquo, aged four years and seven months.

She was scolded, derided and shoved  aside by the mobile policemen there who threatened to deal severely with her if she failed to take her leave. She did but not without narrating her pathetic story to Vanguard Metro.

Little Victoria...afflicted with a life-threatening boil

According to her: “My name is Ms Peter and I am from Uyo Local Government Area. My baby daughter’s  name is Victoria Asuquo; she is four years old. She was born a normal child, she was growing well until she had  boil on her neck in March this year. I took her to St. Luke’s Hospital at Anwa in Uyo Local Government Area, where they   gave me drugs for her.

“After administering the drugs, the boil did not subside, so I took her to Sani Abacha Hospitals where they gave her some drugs. But after administering the drugs she developed chicken pox. I took her back to the hospital but then the doctors had gone on strike.

I then took her to a private clinic. By this time her neck had become swollen  and they told me that they will have to carry out a surgical operation on her,” she narrated.
Continuing she informed that for the operation to be carried out, she has to cough out N 600,000 which she does not have.

“I have no money and my husband is dead. I was confused because I know that I cannot raise that kind of money, I do not have properties to sell. Because i do not want my baby to die, I went to Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation, AKBC, to seek assistance from the public.

So far, I have not got help. In my desperation to save my baby I also went to the Akwa Ibom Government House to seek the Governor’s help but the Mobile Police men there chased me away. They said I should go and work for the money but I told them I do not have any job,” she said.

Ms Peter informed that the father of her baby, Mr. Asuquo died in a motorcycle accident last year at the main gate of the University of Uyo when a truck ran over him and the motorcycle rider.

In her lamentation, she also informed that she was abandoned by the man a month after impregnating her, that she went through so much pains taking care of the pregnancy alone till she delivered her baby and has borne the burden alone until the illness struck the baby.

She told Vanguard Metro that life has been very terrible for her since the development, as the baby has been going through a traumatic experience. Her words:

“She is having severe pains; she cannot eat or sleep; because she is bleeding, she always cries. She has lost so much blood through the bleeding. I have suffered so much humiliation, I have become o laughing stock among my people, my parents blamed me for having the baby.

Wherever I go people look at me as if I’m a leper; they don’t want me near them because of my baby’s condition.

“I was told that Prophet T.B. Joshua could help me with money and prayers but I do not have any contact with him. I  am a Christian; I believe that God will send a helper, I have prayed and prayed, even my pastor too have prayed ,he said an operation will be successful.

I plead with all kind-hearted persons out there to assist me with money so that I can save my baby. I have suffered so much; I do not want to lose my baby; she is everything I have got. In the name of God, individuals and government should come to my aid”.

Ms Peter can be reached on 08162961015.


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