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The occasion dictates what I wear — Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi


Arrayed in a flowing evening dress and turban, Olori Sekinat Elegusi looked regal and well kitted for her place in the palace of Oba of Ikate land. A graduate of accountancy from the university of Lagos, she is a great fashion follower and until August this year when she became the Olori of Ikate land, she ran a successful boutique, Sa “n S boutique. Here, she talks about her life in fashion and her new life as a queen.

What is life like in the palace?

Normal and interesting. It’s not so different from how others live. I do my normal work and see my husband when I’m supposed to see him. The same goes for my children.

But the perception outside the palace is different?

I can understand that. When you are outside, you think there is something special or different that we do there. But I can assure you that I am living my normal life. I go out and come in like any other woman. Perhaps, what could be different is the fact that I now go out escorted. I have to follow protocol. Otherwise, everything is the same.

Is there something that you had to sacrifice for the palace?

That would probably be my way of dressing. In the past, I used to wear a lot of jeans and casual clothes but not anymore. Although I still wear jeans, but not as often as I used to do and I wear it now in the palace or in the main house. I don’t wear jeans as a serious outfit for going out. I wear it casually now.

So what is the new fashion dictate for your position as Olori?

Like I said before, I used to love wearing jeans but now, I am more into traditional clothes and I have to cover my hair all the time. But the truth is that, the king is not really particular about all those things. He is not a fussy person. It’s just me who decided to change this way.

So how has it affected your wardrobe?

My wardrobe has been affected a whole lot. The change also affected my finances because I had to change my entire wardrobe. I still have my old stuff but my wardrobe consists mainly of the designs I wear now-natives, long dresses etc.

What inspires you?

My kids. When I see them, I am happy

What dictates what you wear?

The occasion. I dressed this way today because I am coming for an award ceremony and it requires that I be elegant. So the occasion dictates what I wear. If I’m going to a party and there is a uniform or aso ebi, I join them to wear if not, I choose something nice and wear.

How have people around you received your new way of dressing?

People around me have been talking. My friends keep telling me, “you’ve changed”. People keep complimenting my new look and really I’m enjoying it.

What is fashion like for you?

I am a very fashionable person from the onset even before my husband became a king. I love dressing up. I’m into buying and selling of clothes. I have a boutique so I love dressing.

Does it put a pressure on you what to wear?

Not really. Dressing up is not a challenge for me. I just know what to wear to what occasion. I find what suits the occasion and I wear it. I don’t hurry to sew or buy a dress because I have an event to attend. I pick from the things I already have.

Who is your favourite designer?

I wear anything nice. I don’t care who made it. But I have a few designers here that I admire – Toyin Adejobi, Kumbi Trendy.

What is your dream car?

I don’t have any dream car. I drive any nice car.

Between clothes and accessories, which would you choose?


Favourite wine?

I don’t take alcohol. Any soft drink will do

Favourite fashion item?

I love everything, shoes, clothes, jewellery bags everything


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