By Dayo Adesulu
Education stakeholders under the auspices of Ikorodu Division Human Resource Development Board brain stormed recently on modality of  finding lasting solution to the causes of the abysmal failures of our children and wards in their examinations.

Speaking at the two days sensitization summit, the Chairman, IDRDG, Chief Olusegun Oloruntele Oduloye said that its organization has been taken a comparative study of WAEC and NECO results of all secondary school students in Ikorodu Division for the past five years and deduced that throughout the period under review, the graph of performance had kept our students at the lowest ebb.

According to Oduloye, it is because they cannot tolerate the ugly situation any more that was why the emergence of the summit to brainstorm with them  in finding solutions to the myriads of problems and difficulties confronting the younger generations.

He said: “We desire to take the bull, this time, by the horns. Hopefully, we have a responsive and responsible government at which corridor we can lay our expectations, grievances, hopes and aspirations.

Addressing parents, Oduloye noted that as parents, we owe it a duty to lead in the struggle to correct the lopsidedness in the education sector stressing that it is incumbent on us to set the stage for brighter performance so that our children could have a second chance at improving their lot.

At the ensuing parliamentary session, Oduloye asserted commitment to engage the Ministry of Education officials, teachers, students, clergymen, parents, guardians, labour leaders, relevant professionals, local and state government personnel and representatives of the private sector in a result-oriented high level discussion on the future of our children.

“We are inclined to believe that participants will have the required deep sincerity of purpose and the necessary commitments to chart the way forward with a view to attaining a remarkable  breakthrough,” he said.

The deliberation at the summit amongst others centred on societal decay, loss of morality, laziness of teachers and students, poverty, government’s lack of political will, insensibility to the plight of teachers, inadequate funding, examination malpractice, inadequate classroom space, incompetence of teachers, lack of motivation and of course parents’ neglect of their duties to their children.

‘’It seems to me that there is the dawn of a new era beginning from today when we have to show concern for the rot in the education of our children. It is a challenge that we must address at this point in time,’’ he noted. Participants at the summit suggested that an emergency should be declared in primary and secondary education sectors adding that the number of pupils in a class should not be more than 30 to give room for effectiveness.

Moreover it was added that In-Service Training should be provided for tutors from time to time as teachers will be required to report one empirical research finding (using their students) in five years as a pre-condition for their promotion. Besides, it was also suggested that traditional rulers be encouraged to periodically supervise schools in their domain and to compulsory that a special tax be introduced to enable owners of private schools give some funds back to the society.

That parents be made to contribute substantially to the education of their children.
Oduloye said: “Whatever suggestions have been offered, I say without any fear of contradiction, that there is a disconnect somewhere (perhaps in government, since Article 26(1) of the General Assembly proclamations, 1948 made education a right claimable from government) that there is apathy somewhere (perhaps in our parents because of the confusion in education policy) that there is disinterest somewhere (perhaps in our children because they no longer get their bearings right) and that there is an oversight somewhere (perhaps in us).

But before you throw the blames further, let me say that IDRDG is hereby performing one of its traditional oversight functions because we care.

Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group is a non-governmental non-profit-making, non-political, non-sectarian organization dedicated to the socio-economic development of Ikorodu Division. It had assisted through Ikorodu Division Human Resource Development Board, in securing placement for indigenes of Ikorodu Division at various universities and getting them employed on completion of their studies.

The Group’s membership derives from notable professionals such as Engineer, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers etc, distinguished academicians of national and international fame, top civil servants, either serving or retired, successful businessmen who are indigenes of Ikorodu Division.

The completion and maintenance of the ultra-modern Ikorodu Town Hall is one of the accomplishments of the Group in its over two decades of existence.”


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