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Senator petitions Jonathan over alleged threat to life

By Ben Agande
ABUJA—The Senator representing Ebonyi Central Constituency of Ebonyi State, Dr. Emmanuel Onwe, has accused Governor Martin Elechi of planning to eliminate him in order to stop his re-election bid to the senate.

In a petition addressed to President Goodluck Jonathan and National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Okwesilieze Nwodo, which was made available to journalists in Abuja yesterday, the senator accused the governor of giving out N200 million to a select PDP ward and local government executives all in the bid to stop his return to the senate.

According to him,  “Governor Elechi had in his meeting with a few selected members of the Ikwo PDP executives on October 23, 2010,  reportedly threatened to withdraw from re-contesting the gubernatorial election in the event that an Ikwo man (read Senator Emmanuel Onwe) proceeds to run for the senatorial election in Ebonyi Central.”

He also alleged that the governor decreed that “all serving members of the State House of Assembly and Federal House of Representatives should be returned to their respective positions for a second term.”

The senator alleged that “the grave implications of his threat to withdraw from re-contesting as a direct response to my senatorial candidacy are manifold: It has the stench of blackmail; it has the real potential of inciting the more crude and feverish elements amongst your cheerleaders to resort to violence against me, against members of my family and against my campaign team and others.

“Once these simple people perceive me as the only impediment to their unearned power and lucre, they will stop at nothing to eliminate that obstacle. I have no iota of doubt that the governor understands this”

Senator Onwe alleged that he had already received ‘threatening phone calls and text messages demanding either my withdrawal from contesting the senatorial election or my readiness to suffer deleterious reprisals, adding that these came in the immediate aftermath of that grossly misjudged meeting.

He said:   “I am incensed that the governor did not even demonstrate the nominal decency to invite me to a discussion of such a weighty matter as my political future, particularly having been forced to fight for over three years to regain my mandate.

“It is also unjust that you made such an inflammatory declaration at a time when I was addressing a crowd of over 20,000 people at Ndufu Echara Ikwo in my resolute effort to shore up our party base”.

Vowing that he would not be intimidated, senator Onwe warned that if the governor went ahead with his threat to stop him from vying for the senate, “the people’s resistance will be massive and total.

“The people are sick and tired of being treated like doormats. The people have taken enough of the dirt from the wicked boots of arrogant politicians. And I am prepared to sacrifice my life for them.”

He called on security agencies to take note and take necessary action to prevent the governor or his supporters from carrying out his threat.


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