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Obienu wants a league free of govt interference

As the 2010/2011 session of the Nigeria Premier League, kicks- off today in Kaduna State, former vice chairman of the then NFA Richard Nwabufo Obienu has advised the NPL to do away with government Interference if they want a developed league.

According to him, government interference in the league will never help improve a better league instead will pose a problem to the league.

“I want to see a league where government interference will be eliminated. Want to see a league where government will hands up all the clubs. A league that will develop into an industry like the European league.  And we can not develop it to an industry if government is there.

“I do not want to see horrible pitches; I want to see green pitches. Look at what South Africa is doing to there league they are developing it in a very fast way.

“Want to see enough commercialization. And in this commercialization the club should be allowed to source for their own commerce and NPL getting Lucozade and taking it to the whole club is not done in any where. You can hardly see young boys struggling to watch our league instead want they prefer to watch the European league.

“ I remembered when I use to travel from Eungu to go and watch Christan Chukwu and other play. I go to Ilorin to watch Akolam played I want it to come to our league.


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