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Nigerian pastors are insincere, says cleric


THE general overseer of Pentecostal Canaanland Mission and president of Christ International Ministers Alliance (CIMA), Pastor Nick Medo-Uwa shocked his listeners recently when he declared that Nigeria should not deceived by current pressure on them to look for men with good characters to vote for in next year’s elections. Instead, he said Nigerians must seek for people with vision to pilot the affairs of the nation in the next four years.

“I want to emphasis here that Nigeria doesn’t need a good man to be president, for Nigeria to move things forward,” he declared “we don’t need a good man. What we need is a man of vision, a visionary leader; somebody that knows where Nigeria is and knows where he’s taking Nigeria to. And that’s exactly what we are praying for. We’re really praying seriously, so that God will give us a leader, a visionary leader, a leader that understands Nigeria’s problems, and a Nigerian who is willing, who has political will to move Nigeria from the present level to a higher level.”

Addressing newsmen in Lagos at the opening session of an international conference, Christ International Ministers Alliance, Pastor Medo-Uwa emphasised that God is already taking Nigeria to another level, “we only need to call on our politicians to give us direction so that things will work.” According to him, the Nigerian chapter of CIMA is playing host to the chairman of CIMA and the vice chairman as well as other powerful men of God from across the globe to make several prophetic pronouncements on the country.

“We are trusting God that it’s going to continue like that every year. We’re collaborating with some powerful Nigerians who have contributed a lot to humanity and give them award by encouraging them to continue to do good things because as you know, good people are very scarce in this nation, but we still believe strongly that there are quality men and women who have distinguished themselves to do great things; imparting on the lives of people and the society,” he stated.

The event is coinciding with the church’s yearly programme titled; ‘Laugh-ter’, which a period when God provokes laughter among members of the church, “and we strongly believe that during this year’s programme people are going to hear good news in their finances, marriages and other areas of their lives. He will provoke laughter in their lives and we believe that, with the way Nigeria is going, the only thing that will make you to succeed in this nation is to apply happiness and joy.

“I mean, the best solution now is for people to begin to put their trust and hope in God, and rejoice and be happy, then face their troubles with joy and happiness because the Bible says; in everything, we should praise God’”.

According to him, this year’s event which begins tomorrow, will benefit every segment of the society as women, men and youths would be treated to variety of programmes. “We will also use the occasion to empower certain less privileged people,” he said, just as eminent men of God like Prophet Campus Emeka Ezua, Rev. Felix Chikwendu will minister.

Speaking on the forth-coming elections, Pastor Medo-Uwa urged Nigerians to register and vote for credible leaders who will propel this nation to greater heights, adding that Niger-ians must make sure that their votes count this time around.

On proliferation of churches in the country, the pastor did not see anything wrong, except for the lack of spirituality on the part of men of God. “You see, out there, most men of God are sincere; but here, out of 100 Nigerian pastors only 10 may be sincere. Others are just there trying to make ends meet, trying to help themselves just to become popular,” he stated.


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