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Nigerian leaders need motivational instructions – Pastor Evelyn Mukoro

PASTOR Evelyn Mukoro is the managing director of Marvelous Christian Publications which has the copyright to reproduce books by renowned author, Bill Newman in Africa. She was in Jos recently with Bill Newman for a training conference for pastors and spoke on various issues to Vanguard’s TAYE OBATERU. Excerpts:

What is this gathering about?

This gathering is a conference for pastors, ministers of the gospel. It is to train about 2000 pastors; people that will take the gospel around the globe

What role is your organization playing at the conference?

We are (Bill) Newman’s representative here in Nigeria and in Africa. We are the one distributing his books here and we have the copyright to print the books and sell in Africa. Since he is in Nigeria for this conference we are here to support him as well as showcase his books.
What has been the response to the books?

Bill Newman’s books are selling very well now. Initially, he was not too known around here but when we started selling the books, he became a very popular figure because the books are very rich. Newman is the author of “Soar with Eagles”, “Ten Laws of Leadership” and so on and these books have impacted so many lives. The books are particularly good for leaders and it has really challenged a lot of people. People that were not doing well before have been positively impacted since reading his books.

Will you recommend it for our leaders since we are a country still grappling with leadership problem?
Oh yes! In fact, we have really been privileged to give some of the books to some people in key positions in the country especially the “Ten Laws of Leadership.” It is a very good book for leaders. You cannot read it and you will not have a change in your leadership style, so I recommend the “Ten Laws of Leadership” and other spiritual and inspirational books to our leaders. I believe that Nigeria is having a leadership crisis right now and if our leaders would embrace the principles in the books, a difference will be seen in our leaders.
How has your organization been coping with the problem of copyright breaches like piracy, plagiarism and others facing the publishing and related sectors?

We have had our own challenges like other publishers. It is a fact that some of our books are being pirated but we are doing our best to reduce it to the barest minimum even if it cannot be completely wiped out. It is a challenge but we are working towards eradicating it.

What do you say about reading culture in Nigeria?

The reading culture in Nigeria is poor but it is picking up gradually.
Some years back there was this man from Bahamas Dr. Myles Munroe that was quoted as saying “if you want to hide something from an African man, put it inside a book”. This translates into saying that Africans do not read and the statement appeared to have challenged Nigerians who saw it as an insult to us and since then the reading culture has really grown. The reading culture is better than before. But there is room for improvement.

What is your message for Nigerians especially when it comes to reading spiritual books?

Nigerians have to keep improving on their reading culture. The level of reading should increase because as it is said, if you are well informed, you will not be deformed. Knowledge is very necessary. You must read so that you will be in position to address certain issues that you find difficult to handle. So reading will establish so many things in people’s lives.


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