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Nigerian football can now breathe, Obienu

By Tony Ubani

AS FIFA drags its two executive members, Dr Amos Adamu and Tahiti’s Reynald Temarii before a disciplinary hearing today over the World Cup cash_for_votes scandal, former Vice Chairman of the NFA, Barrister Richard Nwabufor Obienu is practically ‘wagging his tail’ that Nigerian football would soon be free.


“Nigerian football has been in bondage. Very few people have been holding Nigerian football by the jugular. At least, Nigerian football can now breathe”, Obienu said.
Speaking ahead of the disciplinary hearing, Obienu said that he would not shed tears for Adamu because of his stranglehold on Nigerian football.

“I think that the whole episode will bring unfettered freedom to Nigerian football.
“We became a laughing stock in the eyes of the world through the actions and inactions of those representing us in the world. If our President talks about football, they threaten us with sanctions.

If Nigerians utter words on soccer, its either they drag us to Court of Arbitration or they tell us to remain dumb. And yet, Government was funding everything about the game. And yet, we have somebody in FIFA. When Orok Oyo Orok was in FIFA, Nigerian football ran smoothly without these threats.

Take a look at the Nigerian league and you will weep for Nigerian football. Nigerians are crying over kidnappers. If our league was well organized, these youths(kidnappers) will channel their energy to sports instead of kidnapping or robbery. That is what obtains elsewhere in the world. Some of the big name stars in the world were rescued by sports(football).

But here, they impose imbeciles who know next to nothing on football to lead. And they have led us astray. But God is on the throne. It is time for him to rescue Nigerian football. And no one man can play God. This is the time  our football will breathe”, Obienu emphasized.


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