By Babajide Komolafe
The 2010 annual summit of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group, NESG,  would  focus on the challenge visionary leadership and good governance.

The  yearly summit it is verifiable a platform for NESG to engage the public private dialogue on economic policies and management of the Nigerian economy. The theme for the 2010 summit is: Nigeria@50:The Challenge of Visionary Leadership and Good Governance.

Mr. Frank Nweke, The Director General of NESG said there is a nexus between leadership and economic development. There can be economic growth if leadership challenge is resolved. It is a function of the quality of leadership that has enabled developed countries achieves substantial economic development. He added that leadership should inspire the followership. Nweke also added that leadership challenge transcends the public sector as this is also noticeable in the private sector.

‘’A lot of lethargy is noticeable in the followership and it is expected of the followership to demand accountability from the leadership.

The followers have the responsibility to hold leaders accountable. We should not be at the mercy of the leadership as we have the right to speak up. The inherent docility amongst the followership should be stopped. It is also required of the followership to be sufficiently involved in the issues of leadership and governance’’, he said

Impact analysis of NESG
Nweke said NESG will not be discouraged from its public advocacy efforts in unemployment, inconsistent government policy etc.Moreover it is on record that government has not exactly been unreceptive to recommendations of the NESG. The outcome of the 2009 summit was considered by the Federal Economic Council for implementation.
Achievable objectives of the summit

Politics cannot be disconnected from the economy and it is the aim of NESG to elevate linkage between politics and economic development. It is worthy of note that developed countries elected the best and the brightest into governance and the carriage to translate ideas into results, Nweke said.. Nigeria needs people with the mental capacity, the mien

Expatiating further on the essence of leadership, Nweke said” We need a semblance of visionary leadership with the right team in place to govern the country. We cannot afford to give up on our country and ourselves, if Nigeria fails, it will be the most tragedy event of the 21st century, he added.

NESG according to him is instigating debate to throw up issues and come up with ideas and issues that best serve the best interest of the country. There is the major need to institutionalize the kind of leadership we envisage for this country at all level both in private and public sectors.

Grassroot mobilization
NESG is focusing on the tools of governance in the country. Though it may not engage the grassroot, but it is working for the grassroots. It is the aim of the organization to reach the geo political zones in the country in order to give a voice to the grassroots.

A documentary on the opinion of people is expected to be sired at the summit to gain feedback from the generality of Nigerians.NESG is also utilizing social marketing tools to enhance participation of Nigerians in the National Economic Summit.

Dialogue with INEC
We have also put machinery in motion to dialogue with INEC and effectively engage INEC on the 2011 elections. This is due to the critical role of the 2011 election to the overall development of the Nigeria.

The 2011 election occupy a major agenda at the summit which will involve all political actors. There will be discussions on the political future of the country as presentations on”Naija Junction- Nigeria Scenario 2025.The session will also involve political parties and politicians as well as Civil organizations.

T he way forward
NESG wants to see the emergency of inspired leadership to help Nigeria achieve its potentials as a great nation. Nigeria needs a kind of leadership in place to make quantum progress.

Nigeria can witness economic transformation through a visionary leadership. There should be a strong focus on the competitiveness of the various sectors of the economy. Nigeria can still attain its rightful place in global competiveness if economic growth if given utmost priority.

The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) since inception seventeen years ago has been contributing immensely to the economic development of Nigeria. The organization, formed out of an irrepressible desire to transform Nigeria’s economy has positioned itself as a veritable avenue to champion Nigeria’s economic growth.

NESG as a non partisan private sector led economic think tank and advocacy group was founded by Nigeria’s business leaders representing key sectors of the Nigerian economy. It is imperative to state that NESG since its inception has emerged as the most credible platform for public private dialogue on economic issues in Nigeria.

The NESG has been in the vanguard of Nigeria’s campaign to create an enabling environment conducive to good governance, responsible private investment and sustainable economic growth.

It has succeeded to large extent in this regards by generating maximum interest in the economic development of the country. This has also engendered the government to take key decisions in line with the direction of the NESG.


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