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Mystery of America and the Nigeria factor

AMERICA will be the last human government to rule the world. Apocalyptically saying, I am doubly sure of this fact. The United States had thrived in all she had embarked upon.

This is far from general speculation that their pragmatism is responsible for their success. You will not dispute the fact that pragmatism both as a theoretical system and as a practical philosophy of  life is American.

The most eloquent of pragmatism in the 19th century  is American psychologist and philosopher, Professor William James, along with Charles Pierce who supplied Willian with the term Pragmatism.

Oliver Wendel Homles, a poet of the American spirit and John Dewey, the father of modern education  belonged to a philosophical club that propounded American pragmatism.

Earlier transcendental thinkers  like Hegel and Spinoza, who tried some form of practice on absolution of  reasoning and tended to a place higher premium on reason, were sharply and severely criticised by William James.

The latter opined that  knowledge is  acquired  via inward experience that flows as a stream on consciousness.  It is obvious that the cause and effect relationship between the general behavioural pattern of a society and the articulated philosophy of that society is that of a reciprocal association.

The behavioural pattern of that society consolidates the prevailing philosophy as surely as the philosophy prescribes the behavioural attitude of that society.

The alacrity with which America anticipated William’s pragmatism has to do or isoppose to the principles and inclinations that formed and most probably moulded the very fabrics and foundation that make up the existence of  this super egalitarian society as a nation.

It is not far-fetched to see that Americans worship  success as a god. Or let us look at it from   another dimension. If success is not the god Americans worship above all other gods, somehow, it has become a god whose worship puts the  United States of America  far above any other known nation of the world.

An average American sees  the successful man as a model, the successful strategy the standard and coupled with the use of the media they showcase a super intelligent and successful culture. Here comes the reason why  I strongly believe that pragmatism is a product of American thinkers.

America is the only nation ever to grace the earth. The dream of centuries and nations boldly manifests to its conclusion. Despite  US mistakes, she is the only nation in the world now or before that is the land of equal rights and opportunities.

You will agree with me that other advanced democracies  of the world have elements or tend to have  aristocratic discrimination in them, but US  stands out as purely egalitarian. It is in the US that all the paraphernalias of democracy  are comprehensively applied.

It is a known  fact that pragmatism that charaterises America’s thought and way of life is carried too far into her religion.

Every society has its own standard rules of conduct, which  its people are expected to adhere to within the moulding and building of individual character. The aggregate of these peculiar  qualities constitutes a personal or national individuality with foundation in morality.

However, the two most individualistic faculties in man are the MIND and the WILL.
By Chinedu AGOMUO, a social critic,  writes from Lagos.


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