October 22, 2010

Mobile phones now primary access to internet in Nigeria

In an effort to unravel the strategic tool in understanding the Nigerian Digital Marketing platform, the Global Director for Technology and Emerging markets, Mr James Fergusson has announced  that from research findings carried out on the country, internet usage  is now driven primarily by Mobile phones.

However, this has invariably changed how consumers interact with brands across different categories as the recent collaboration between TNS Global, a leading market research agency in west and central Africa  now availed the Nigerian business community, a revolutionary tool to digital lifestyle study, which delivers insight into the attitude, behaviors and needs of Nigerian online population.

Fergusson made this statement in a press briefing, yesterday in Lagos noting that  findings from this global studies revealed that among online users, digital is the primary daily media channel at 61percent, while radio and Television follows suit at 54percent and 34 percent respectively.

Therefore, the research further revealed that digital access (internet) still remains the clear leader in many  mature markets and some emerging markets like China in which its key different factors is access point.

Therefore, its use which is 18percent lags behind television at 60 percent and Radio 58 percent among Nigerians online users as daily media channel which have been used to determine consumer behavior towards a particular product.
According to him, while commenting on the customized tool, he explained that the study is the first of its kind to interview 50,000 consumers in 46markets, including all BRIC and most N-11 economies.

In order words, he has been able to provide answers to questions like how the global digital landscape looks like, how it maximizes opportunities with the digital consumers and how it tailors messages and uncovering the holistic view of the digital world.

He further noted that provisions of framework for strategic and tactical deployment of marketing resources across channels, platforms, geographies and targets where highlighted as core benefit of the tool.

“The internet revolution started here in 2001 from a penetration figure of 0.1 percent, grew to 3.5 percent in 2006 and now stands at 28.5percent. The growth of the internet in rapid growth market like Nigeria did not follow usual trend in what we know as the developed market.” he said.

He added that uptake of the service was aggressive as Nigeria accounts for 39.6 percent of Africa’s current internet population and this, ahead of South Africa, Egypt and Kenya. He noted

“The research incorporated the use of the TNS Needscope analytical framework which includes the use of images which are used to guide us to have a better understanding of how the respondents feel when they are interacting online various activities”

“The survey focused on eleven key activities that the consumer engage in when they are online using either a personal computer or Laptop platform or a mobile device platform like smart phones and blackberry.

The eleven activities includes e-mail, social networking and connecting, shopping, News (Sport and weather), online gaming, multi Media entertainment, pre-purchase and Browsing, planning and organising, Personnel administration, Personal interest and Knowledge (Education).” He said.