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Indomie’s new campaign plays on mother, child relationship

By Princewill Ekwujuru
Dufil Prima Foods Plc, manufacturers of Indomie Instant Noodles has launched a new advertising campaign, highlighting the  relationship between a mother and her child.

Built around the theme “Mum like No Other, Noodles Like No Other,” the campaign is expected to run throughout 2010 and beyond.

According to Temitope Ashiwaju, Public Relation, Manager, Dufil Prima Foods Plc, the new campaign is an emotional call to all mothers about how special they are to their children and how important it is for them to contribute to their child’s progress with the right mix of love, care and nutrition.

Ashiwaju explained that the bond between a mother and a child is a very strong one and right from child birth to the upbringing of the child, protecting and taking care of them, a mother assumes different special roles for her child.

“The mother is the teacher the child learns the most from. She teaches the child about everything that she needs to know and prepares the child to meet the world outside.  She is the friend that the child needs and looks up to, helping and supporting the child when he/she is weak.”

Going a step further, Ashiwaju stated that the new advertising campaign brings about a new perspective to the attachment that has been developed over the years between Nigerian children and their beloved indomie.

He explains that the new theme was based on the insight that a mother is irreplaceable in all aspects and looks to provide the best for her child.  The commercial adequately demonstrates this point, assuring consumers that indomie cares for their children by providing them with the best nutrition possible in a tasty and convenient manner.

He said Indomie understands and appreciates the special relationship between a mother and a child and aims to enrich this bond by providing for the child the ideal product that the mother can trust anytime and anywhere.

He said Indomie endeavours to enrich the experience of motherhood for mothers who, the company believes are so special, by bringing to them the joy of giving their children the best noodles that a child can have.

He stressed that over the years not only has indomie made instant noodles the preferred choice of food in Nigeria but has brought nutrition along with the taste to the Nigerian palate. “We’re confident the new ad campaign will adequately demonstrate what we’re saying”. He concluded.


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