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I’m an expert cook – Princess Latifah

Princess Latifah Mahmodu Lamura is a designer and one of the nation’s fashion icons reputed for promoting Nigeria and indeed, Africa’s culture in the Diaspora.

Married to a French, the Edo State born celebrity insists that her marriage hasn’t in any way diminished her  love for Nigerian foods.

In today’s edition of Celebrity Tummy Talk, the very charming Princess talks about the secret of her good look and healthy living.

Were you  really born a princess or is it just a name?

I was born a real princess to a royal family in Edo State.

So, what is the popular food of the Edo people?

In Edo State, we enjoy pounded yam and vegetable. That’s the special delicacy there.
And how often do you eat pounded yam?

I eat pounded yam once in every three months. It was more regularly consumed when I was young. But as one got older, it became less attractive. I had to cut down on my in take of heavy, starchy meals.

Princess Latifah

As much as possible, you want to run away from such meals food at a certain age because you want to stay fit. These days I eat only foods that are easily digestible. I stick to continental food which is very light. I enjoy as often as possible salad and potato which digests easily.

Although, I go for some African cuisines pounded yam meal is listed on my menu because of the heaviness.  I like moi-moi because it is very light and I could do with that throughout the day.

I also like rice and fried yam but I don’t make it a regular meal of it.

Perhaps one of my most favourite meals is Amala because of its digestible nature.
And what goes with the Amala?

I love to eat it with vegetable soup (Efo Riro) mixed with all kinds of condiments including fish, shrimps, dry fish and so on.

Can you cook?

I’m a genius when it comes to cooking. I’d taken part in different food competitions during my secondary school days and I excelled on top of the pack. I have no stress when it comes to cooking. And that explains why, I find it difficult to eat badly prepared meals.

I know a well-prepared meal when I taste one. And if it’s tasteless, I won’t take it.

My role model when it comes to cooking is Princess Folawiyo Abba. She is a real mother and a fantastic cook. Anytime, I have the opportunity to taste her food, it tells you that whoever prepared the meal is a good cook. And anyone who has attended her party would testify to that.

Was there a time you played any pranks to get your favourite kind of food?

I think I would give credit to my mum when it comes to that. It was difficult to play pranks because food was always on the table. We were always looking forward to going home after school hours because of her special delicacies. So, my mum is also a great cook and I took after her.

I remember  back then how she used to prepare my favourite food, Jollof rice with snail. She had a time-table for us. As a matter of fact, we didn’t have time to play any pranks because we had what we wanted on the table.

Is there a special way to prepare your favourite meal of snails?

People from my state prepare it very well. I have attended parties where snails were served but I’ve not tasted anyone that tastes exactly like ours. I’ve seen a situation where I’ve had to drop food because of the way, the snails were prepared.

How do you prepare your own snail?

First you clean it with salt and lime. And you put them in your pot without too much water. Then, you add  garlic. But you must ensure that the water in the pot dries with the snail before you could have a good taste. The next thing to do is fry the snails and boil them again with fresh pepper.

Again you must let the water dry with the snails. Serve with your favourite drink.

Do you exercise?

Although I’m a busy person,  I still make out the time to exercise. I also club and party. And as much as possible, I dance to burn out fat and keep fit.

When I was in school, I did a lot of sporting exercise. I was the champion in high jump and that’s why I’m still looking healthy today.

Do you do fruits?

I love fruits and I eat plenty of apples, oranges, grape and banana. But I try not to do over do things. I take fruits on a daily basis.


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