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CSR, Afromedia and the ‘Going Green’ initiative

By Princewill Ekwujuru
Over time,  it’s been the duty of business people to know  what to do to meet the demands of various claimants for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). What do they (Operating society) expect?  And what particular responsibility should be given priority?.

With the development of large corporations coming on the heels of the industrial revolution which began in the  French colony, it became pertinent to confront the environmental impact and social dimensions of the operations of companies.

But within the past few decades there have been pronounced changes in the views of many businesses about their social responsibilities which have paralleled and partly reflected the changing priorities and expectations of society about business social functions.

In view of this, the inter-relationship between organisations and their environment has become increasingly important.

The out come of this notion is a rising public clamour for social responsibility, on the part of businesses, as well as other social organisations.

These reasons motivated Afromedia Plc, an only Out-Of-Home (OOH), company quoted on the floors of the Nigerian Stock Exchange to initiate the ‘Going Green initiative,’ as a CSR and part of its contribution to the green environment preached world over .

Akin Ire Olopade, Managing Director, Afromedia Plc at  50th anniversary of the company said  Afromedia is committed to improving the quality of life of the people.

“For this reasons, “we have been silent on this aspect of our business, until recently when we came up with the anniversary theme ‘Going Green’.”

Continuing, he said, “the Going Green initiative is more than skin deep. We are absolutely committed to delivering on our promises of positively affecting lives. To drive this commitment, we are partnering with some government agencies to fast_track the implementation of sound policies to promote the development of green energy projects in Nigeria.

The objective is to arrest the danger and threats posed by climate change in the country.”

In line with this initiative, the Managing director said, “our contribution towards attaining the UN’s target of 7Billion trees worldwide in 2010, we intend to plant at least 1,000 trees Pan Nigeria. We are also pleased to announce that as part of our tradition and in line with the Going Green initiative, wherever an Afromedia billboard is sited, the surroundings would be kept clean and neat.

Afromedia has come a long way, passing through different economic and political turbulence, undergoing different innovations and technological advances.

Afromedia represents the face of outdoor adverting in Nigeria. One would understandably expect that being 50years old means your processes are antiquated and knowledge stale. But not so with Afromedia.

We have been at the fore front of innovation, and have embraced the use of advanced technology for productions, Dr. Onaolapo Soleye, Chairman, Afromedia stated.
CSR: Afromedia is installing 100 airconditioners  units at the Murtala Mohammad International Airport, Lagos.

“We want to ensure that our airport meets the international standards we all experience and enjoy whenever we travel outside this shores, the Managing Director had earlier stated.  Afromedia is providing street lights on major streets in Lagos.

The Future;
The future of Afromedia Plc, as it celebrates itsr 50th anniversary, the company said it  is re-branding for the future. It went further to say that the re-branding is become necessary to position the company for the next decade.

The re-branding of Afromedia is not just about a logo change but more about combining winning attitudes of yesteryears with the required ones for today. It is about changing culture and positioning the company to be a lot more competitive. The new logo is an announcement that Afromedia Plc is poised to lead the way for another 50 years, the company said.


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