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We knew Bigiano wouldn’t last — Triple B

Peter and Paul Martins are twin brothers who stepped into limelight in 1999 when their group’s hit single, ‘E gba mi’, ruled the airwaves .

The success was immense and Triple B, as the group was called, was the toast of shows at the time even if it was for a short while. The twin brothers together with a third member held fort until 2001 when then unknown singer, Gabriel Bablalola whom they renamed Bigiano joined. In 2004, the centre could no longer hold and Bigiano went solo.

In 2008, Bigiano made a compelling appearance on the music scene with the monster hit track, ‘Shayo’ and went on to become more popular than his early group members. Now re-christened Two One, the assertive Martins tell Lolade Sowoolu how things fell apart with Bigiano, how God has revealed to them Bigiano’s end and the new work Two One is offering. Enjoy it.

Can you refresh our memory a bit about the group Triple B?

We’re Peter and Paul Martins. We’ve been in the music industry professionally for eleven years now. We started as Triple B then with the likes of Plantashun Boiz and Remedies. Now we’re Two One.

Triple B broke up about seven years ago. The group’s name then came from our initials. We were BQ, Bflex and BG initially before Bigiano joined. Bigiano’s gone solo now. Bigiano was not a part of us when we sang the hit song ‘E gba mi’ in 1999. He joined in 2001 after the third guy left.

We had to let him (Bigiano) go too because of his attitude. The first guy who was the third member of Triple G is called Emeka Asuzu aka Black Gold.

How did you meet Bigiano?

Black Faze introduced Bigiano to us at a campus show in Ibadan in 2001. And in April, he joined our group. When Bigiano joined us we were living with our brother, Alariwo of Africa. His (Bigiano’s) name was (still is) Gabriel Babalola. He was called GB and didn’t fit into our Triple B.

It took us a little bit of time to come up with the name, Bigiano. We gave him the name and that was how it stuck.

Did you try to work out the differences you had before the spilt?

We worked things out till 2004 when the group broke up. There were so many things involved in the break-up but that’s not what we want to celebrate. Bigiano was a younger brother that we loved. We introduced him to everybody we knew in the industry then. He (Bigiano) was respected and treated like one of us but he blew it.

That’s how we had to let the name Triple B go finally. We however believe that everything is spiritual. Things are not exactly as they appear in the physical. Stardom intoxicates. We’ve been there for about eleven years and if stardom comes again now, we know how to handle it because we’ve been there before. We know who we are and where we are going.

It’s not about the now; it’s about the future.

So you’re saying Bigiano didn’t handle fame well…

Wait. Let me ask you a question: where is Bigiano today? I’m not mocking him. It’s not about making a single hit. It’s about consistency. We know what God has called us for. We’re not bragging about it. We’re here to make a difference.

Do I sense jealousy here?

There’s no cause for jealousy or envy because there’s no competition. Bigiano will always be a brother. We’re just being sincere with ourselves.

So do you miss him in any way?

Not at all. I must tell you the truth: we do not miss him because we are a perfect two. Even when he was with us he never wrote a song. We are talented and creative people – I and my twin brother.

Did he leave amicably?

We decided that he should leave because we didn’t want mockery. We didn’t want people correcting us so we had to correct ourselves first. Can you imagine something that happened sometime in 2002 in Ife. Jimmy Jatt, Tony Tetuila and Azadus are witnesses. We went for a show and we had rehearsed so much together in our hotel room.

We were to start our performance with an Acapella. Just about three hours to performance, Bigiano was already drunk so we couldn’t go on with our scheduled plan (the Acapella). And while we were on stage, he fell off and tripped all the wires connected for electricity on stage. Jimmy Jatt’s equipment went off and the show was interrupted.

When the light came back on, we had to cover up by telling the crowd that it (the interruption) was all part of our rehearsals and we started off again. I wouldn’t blame him (Bigiano) because when he met us we had already made the name.

How did you guys feel when Bigiano dropped the hit ‘Shayo’?

We were happy about it but we knew it was not going to last because we know who Bigiano is. He is talented but can’t sustain it (fame). Back then when we went for shows as a group, he was easily carried away by little things. We were sure he wouldn’t last.

How are you sure he’s not working on another album right now?

Let me shock you. Apart from the fact that we are musicians, we are also prophets. In April this year, I (Peter) slept and I dreamt. When I woke up I told Paul what I saw in my sleep. An angel of God came to me and said “Bigiano, it’s so unfortunate, has retired. He’s dating an older woman”. That was the information that was given to me.

In May, I saw on the front page of a paper. “Hip Hop star Bigiano is dating an older banker”. I wasn’t surprised. In this music industry, its more than singing. You have to be spiritual. Lucifer was talented in music. It got to his head and God had to bring him down.

We have been chastised by God and we’ve learnt from it. We’re not here to talk about Bigiano but you’ll never see a retired soldier in his uniform. So saying that Bigiano has retired does not mean he may not make another hit but that he can not be celebrated any longer.

And what about your own career?

See we’re not bragging about it. God has called us to make a big name. God said, in our time people shall say waow! We can’t lie on the Holy Spirit. We’ve been beaten by God before. He has told us that we shall be an envy and we must say that we’re grateful to God because we’ve written over a hundred songs.

When you’re reigning, you won’t have time to write good songs. You’ll only have enough time to got to your archives and polish songs.

But you guys haven’t put out any songs in the last seven years or thereabout…
I would rather say in the last four to five years, we’ve not had a hit but we’ve been writing writing good songs. Its not just about writing a hit; its about writing good songs.

Many of theses hits don’t last. 2Face has made a statement and that’s what it is about.
Let’s talk about where you are today career wise.

Our song, ‘Nkem’ is what we are promoting now. It’s a love song and it means ‘My Own’. Our album is ready; we’ve just been waiting for the right time to release it. That time is now. God has told us that our song will bring us out.

The song is barely three weeks on air (radio) and the response has been encouraging. We thank God for it. We’re working on shooting the video now. To God be the glory we didn’t feature any popular artiste, only one upcoming. We didn’t that because we don’t want others to decide what will become of us.

Is your coming album titled yet?

Yes. It’s called Restoration. It will be released before the end of this year by God’s grace.


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