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Refurbished phones step up competition with popular phone brands

By Charles Mgbolu

With the wave still blowing hot and hard on the dual SIM card phone technology; a current sensation in all major ICT markets across the country, refurbished phones have stepped up their game in the trend of phone innovations.

Over the weekend, CyberLIFE reporter had seen on display  refurbished phones  that used two batteries, two memory cards and two SIM cards all at the same time!     This was too much for mobile phone shoppers who had visited the market and seen the phone. They’d been instantly swept away!

CyberLIFE’s investigations revealed that this was the latest in a series of startling phone technology coming from the stables of these refurbished phones that had been hitting the market for weeks now unending. It was new and it left jaws and mouths hanging; giving established phone brands in the country a good run for their name and money.

Like most refurbished phones, it was difficult to put a name tag on this one. Not a single word had been written on it. Searching for it all over the market had therefore been by description particularly the three features that had been mentioned in the opening of this write up.

The news as it travelled from lips to ears had further fueled the curiosity of people; even phone dealers themselves who were hearing of this of this kind of phone for the first time. Currently, it’s growing popularity and astounding compact feature is beginning to make phone shoppers forget some very ugly implications of  purchasing refurbishes.

This phone is a major record breaker. According to CyberLIFE’s  investigations, the price for the phone has jumped almost double since it’s debut appearance in the market – the first refurbished phone to ever have this kind of price leap. Already, it is fast becoming a very scarce commodity.

As many scuttled about to search and hunt down this latest wonder, a few had hesitated; paused to think. It is not new to know that refurbished phones could be very unreliable. These few who had hesitated no doubt may have had their bitter experiences with these phones in the past. There had been series of complaints particularly on the battery life span of refurbished phones and replacing them was almost nearly impossible.

This possibly could be the reason this latest sensation has two batteries inserted into it. Market evaluations has however not left room for much surprises especially as it concerns refurbished phones. The phones were the first to come into the Nigerian phone market with certain alien but rather captivating features. For example, it’s simple 2.0 megapixels camera phones had appeared like Blackberries.

It was cheap and possibly silly but then, hounds of it had been bought. As if that was not enough, it had started appearing under the names of notable phone brands already selling in the country, pulling a lot of unsuspecting phone shoppers into it’s trap. The shoppers had bought these cloned phones only to discover they’d bought phone devices with a litany of problems.

Already, giant phone makers; Samsung has told this reporter through its Director HHP Samsung Electronics West Africa Mr. Fady Khatib that Samsung remained undeterred by the infiltrations, rather, it’s concern goes to mobile phone users in the country who patronize these refurbished phones as they would eventually bear the risk alone should anything go technically wrong with the phone.

Mr Khatib had insisted that Samsung was not bothered and that their market strength remained strong despite the hordes of refurbished phones that flooded the market.  —  Charles Mgbolu

Even though Khatib had not indicated if Samsung phones were amongst the lot being refurbished, Samsung had however carried out swift moves to further make it much easier to distinguishing genuine Samsung phones for their customers by making available to the public fliers that read that all Samsung phones will henceforth come with a new warranty logo that read ‘Warrantee Nigeria’.

Nokia too is waging a frigid war in these paths. Last month, it had formally launched the new Nokia C1-00 and C2-00 dual SIM phones. Speculations say it is to counter alleged reports of refurbished phones that had appeared under it’s name using the dual SIM technology.

It is still early to determine what would be the outcome of this latest refurbished phone currently making the waves. Has durability standards been improved upon even as these additional features were being added. Or is this just another flash in the pan? The odds are it is.


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