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Refurbished phones don’t threaten us , Samsung boss

Samsung Electronics West Africa has reacted to the influx of refurbished phones that has invaded the nations major mobile phone markets in recent years.

The mobile phone maker through it’s Director HHP Samsung electronics West Africa Mr. Fady Khatib has said that Samsung remains undeterred by the infiltrations but rather, it’s concern goes to mobile phone users who patronize these refurbished phones as they eventually bear the risk alone should anything go technically wrong with the phone.

Mr Khatib made this statement while reacting to questions from CyberLIFE at the launch of the first ever Samsung Mobile shop held recently in Lagos.

CyberLIFE had been trying to learn from the Samsung Director if there were any possible threats to Samsung’s mobile phone market in Nigeria due to heavy presence of refurbished phones when he’d made the claim.

Already, there are strong indications these refurbished phones appear under popular phone brand names in major ICT markets across the country.

Although Mr khatib admitted that these refurbished phones were truly existent and everywhere in the market, he didn’t say however if Samsung mobile phones were being duplicated in the lot.  The Samsung boss said the company is not bothered by the horde of  refurbished phones as phone consumers in the country still choose and go for quality. “Many of them know the implications of purchasing a substandard or fake product” He said

Mr. Fady Khatib added further that it is the immediate phone consumer that suffers for the infiltrations “Why would I buy a phone that is fake or refurbished knowing there is no service support behind it in the country?”He asked

Reacting in the same vein, Mr. Yemi Orimolade; Samsung Electronics West Africa’s Public Relations Resource Manager told this reporter that one of the reasons why the mobile shop had been opened in the computer village was to serve as a verification spot for potential buyers of Samsung mobile phone products. “Our customers now can have immediate first hand knowledge on the type of phone they are about to purchase”

Samsung mobile phones are in most markets and shops in Nigeria. However buying Samsung mobile phones from just any shop can be risky as phone consumers cannot be sure of the quality of mobile phones bought from questionable sources.

If eventually phone purchase is made with dealers who are not in partnership with Samsung, there would be no valid warranty on such Samsung phones.
— Charles Mgbolu


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