Professor Tam David West

By Alade Aromashodu
FORMER Petroleum Minister and erudite scholar, Professor Tam David-West has described Nigeria’s educational standard as nose-diving in quality.

He said: “The moment Nigeria academics want to be politicians, academic dived; the moment they want to have the mentality of politicians or be a politician, academic dived.”
David-West who was the guest speaker at the United Global Churches Association of Nations (UGCAN), 2010 National Conference reiterated in his submission titled: “Nigeria at 50: Imperatives of Good Governance and the Challenges of the Future” that tomorrow (October 1, 2010) our political leaders will come and treat us to ritualise mellifluous sweet for nothing speeches, spiced with “please bear with us,” “please be patient” saying, “but they are not been bearing with us or patient with us when they are looting the common purse to answer to their personal vanities.”

He noted other divine blessings in Nigeria that almost sounds like “Divine Partiality:” “Friendly climate; no natural disasters or catastrophies; luxuriant vegetation; teeming population; natural and human resources; minerals resources peaking in the ‘almighty’ petroleum.

Also, Prof. David-West suggested that Nigeria’s Golden Jubilee should have spiritual dimension of prayers in the churches or mosques saying, “It’s very necessary, especially in the contemporary times of enriching gloom,” he said

According to him, “It is trite that Heaven helps those who seriously help themselves adding that, “Nothing comes out of nothing.” He went on: “For the teeming masses, the relatively excruciatingly deprived, it will not be Golden Jubilee.

“Because it has been 50 agonising years of dashed hopes for good governance; 50 depressing years of the ascendancy of corruption, indiscipline, looting of the national purse; 50 years of scandalous mass poverty and want in the midst of staggering breath-taking affluence and opulence of the few at the top of the social pyramid.”

According to him, “It has been 50 sorrowful years of great paradox and contradiction; “Rich country, Poor people; 50 years of governmental hypocrisy and political harlotry, political treachery, political perfidy.

“It has been 50 years of leadership sweet sermons and preachments.
David-West asserted that in the economic or political sector, it’s all motion and no movement while in the religious sector,  “It’s all churches, churches…, they are forever springing up like mushrooms on fields.

He however, wondered whether the plentitude of churches match the plentitude of real faith saying, “The Almighty is the best judge , because He certainly knows those who worship Him.”


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