AS a means of finding a lasting solution to the perennial power problem currently rocking the nation, Arthur Energy limited, a leading company in renewable energy and a key player in the power sector has said that it is high time government embarks on renewable energy system as alternative source to the conventional generation of power in the country as this has led to the relocation of so many factories and industries to neighbouring countries.

The Chief Executive Officer, Arthur Energy Limited, Engineer Anthony Okeyika said this during an exclusive interview with Vanguard recently in Lagos.

According to him, “In finding a solution to the perennial problem rocking the power sector, government has to embark on renewable form of energy and give it support to the operators. The good thing about it kind is that it is up-gradable and it has a limit to which it operates.

We are into alternative energy, renewable energy like solar and wind and anything that relates to alternative renewable energy. God gave us the sun to benefit from it and solar energy is a system  we can harness, convert it to electricity through the means of solar panel and store in a battery so you can use it whenever you want to use it.” he said

He added that they have come out with a package that with any kind of money, one should be able to afford some of the packages and the capacity of energy paid for.

“There are solar power which is from 5000 naira up wards depending on what you need it for. The problem we have is that some people go for that which will power air-conditions and other house hold system, it will be more expensive. But if you can start from lighting point to fan and other little house hold equipment, they are affordable. For as little as thirty thousand naira, you can enjoy inverter back up in your house.

At least it can power your television system, Fans and other of your little appliance for about two or three hours. Then if you want it to go beyond, all you need is to increase your battery bank” he said.

“It is like building a house, to build it, you have to start from somewhere. You can start from one KVA from there you can upgrade even if you are using 10 KVA in your house. In doing this you can increase your inverter or the battery to power it to the extent in which you want it to get to.

And another thing is that those that started this inverter business initially where not that trained; they came out to do trial and error. At times they use car batteries, motorcycle battery and other batteries that are not meant for backing Energy for a long time. So, that makes some people see it as a failure. At times when you tell people about it, they tell you to forget it that it doesn’t work.

This is so because some people use car and trailer batteries because it is big. They think it is how big the battery is that it capacity is, no! Everything has it own use. The car or trailer batteries were built to start the car and then start charging again.”

“This one we are talking about those that can carry your energy for so many hours. So we need something like big cycle battery, that is what we do including inverters to prove to people what we are here to do. We are also into street lights, security lights and bore holes and many others.

All these things have capacities. You can have them for as little as 50,000 upwards for your security in the house to at least about 500 thousand depending on the size you want. Then we have solar fridge which does not need electricity to power it.

It stands on its own with its battery and solar panel. It has about 25 to 30 years life span nothing concerns you with NEPA, PHCN or Generators anymore.

“If you are running a 24 hour business, it depends on what you are powering. All these things have there own battery capacity. For instance 4KV can power at least 4ceiling fans, 5light points, and television and with hundred Ampere batteries, it can go for at least six to eight hours.

It can also power what ever you want it to power including our industries as long as it has the capacity to do that and for this to be achieved, the battery and the inverter have to be increased to enable it function effectively.”

“There is what we call solar farm. Government can build a solar farm. That is bringing out a portion of land and installs solar panels as well as wind energy.

They should supply it through the same source our conventional energy is been supplied to the masses. If they can do that at a minimal rate, the masses will definitely pay. The issue of paying NEPA bill is not the issue but because don’t get to see what we are paying for. If we can get constant supply of energy, people will not hesitate to pay for it.” He added.


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