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Election: Why NFA top shots ignored court injunction , Singabele

By Patrick Omorodion
A member of the dissolved Board of the Nigeria Football Association, NFA, Dr. Peter Singabele has said that members of the board disregarded the Lagos High Court injunction that the August 26 election of the association should not hold because of their selfish interests.

THE POWERFUL QUARTET: These four men (r-l), Taiwo Ogunjobi, Bolaji Ojo-Oba, Amanze Uchegbulam and Aminu Maigari held Nigeria’s football spell bound before they were impeached by the Aminu Maigari group shortly after the 2010 World Cup . They are now being tried for financial misappropriation.

Dr. Singabele, known for his outspokenness on football issues, said all the talks by some members of the NFA that they never got any court injunction were all lies and a cover up to deceive the public.

He said that the director general of the supervising sports ministry, Chief Patrick Ekeji personally invited the acting chairman of the NFA Alhaji Aminu Maigari and his vice, Chief Obinna Ogba and gave them the court injunction.

The Bayelsa-born administrator disclosed that Chief Ekeji told them to do what they know was best for the NFA which would not go against the laws of the land but Alhaji Maigari decided to do as he pleased because “he was desperate to become the new boss of the NFA.”

“We even held a meeting to discuss the issue but nobody wanted to say anything. I had to tell them that we should postpone the election to allow us sort out the problem we had on our hands but Maigari did not like it.

He even advised the board members not to allow the FIFA men who came to observe the election know about the court injunction. When we met with the FIFA people, I had to tell them to allow me speak because I felt we should not hide anything and as a law abiding citizen of this country, I did not want to be part of those disobeying the laws of the land.

I told the FIFA people that there was a court injunction stopping the election and we should abide by it. They expressed surprise that nobody told them about it. They however said that even though they will advise that no third party should interfere with the election process, they would not advise us to disobey the laws of our country.

So the FIFA men knew about it but Maigari, because of his desperation, decided to go ahead with the election. That was where I told myself that I will not be part of it because as a law abiding citizen and a senior civil servant, I didn’t want anything to tarnish my career,” Dr Singabele said during a chat in Lagos.

He said that what matters now was for stakeholders of the game to rally round and ensure that the right thing is done for the game not to suffer as he expressed his disappointment in Alhaji Maigari who pretended to be working with his fellow board members but went behind to romance with the impeached group who promised to return him in the election.


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