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Women who make money in their ‘sleep’

By Candida
Talks of your body being sacred have, over the years, turned into something being akin to a lone voice  voice in the wilderness that has gone hoarse.

We all once knew of prostitutes as women who looked glamorous in the nights, when the lights were dim but looked like well-groomed death’s heads in the mornings.

But what tags do you pin on them today? (You get them from the lower to the upper classes, the difference really is the package).

Over the years, I’ve come across daring descriptions of prostitution and the reason more women happily take in the dough with their “money-for-hand back for ground” tactics that I thought I would share some of these views with you this week. A deviation from the hot and smoky escapades of the `gang’!

“For the single woman in the 21 st century”, expressed one view, “sex has become so empty and essentially so commercial a transaction (in the wake of the sexual revolution) that her position is tantamount to that of a whore; for a woman who likes to write or do photography or make designer clothes to have to work eight-to five is a form of prostitution. A sort of slavery to her earning power – and she does it without batting an eye.

“What, I ask you, is wrong with renting your body for two or three shifts per week, when the alternatives. is a forty-hour-a-week job that makes you so burned-out that
all you can do is to come home and watch TV at the end of the day? A call-girl is simply a woman who hates poverty more than she hates sin.

I can think of a lot of jobs that are considerably more degrading than sharing an enjoyable evening with  an attractive, successful man who is delighted to have you with him and is willing to pay you naira for your company.”

Another view explains that, “What runs like a current through all these portraits of the ‘general hooker’ is an idea that society has somehow betrayed the middle-class woman by failing to provide her with a lucrative outlet for her talents. The economic options for women today are not all that extensive.

Even for university graduates, it is shameful how few jobs pay adequately in entry-level positions, particularly if a woman has a liberal education. Somehow, it is this angry disenchantment with the way things are that turns a lot of women into a sort of ‘avenging angels’.

They seem to be saying: Since society has given us the wrong tools – or the wrong priorities – we’re going to misuse what we have: that will really put a spoke in the wheel!”

A ‘professional’ who confessed she couldn’t help herself, couldn’t help enjoying the feeling of power (over men) that sleeping with a man gives her, said that being a pro is just like being a darn good actress: “That’s what is so nice about it”, she said. “You don’t have to feel anything, you don’t have to care about anything.

You just lead them by the ring in their nose in the direction that they think they want to go in.,”You get a lot of money out of them in as short a time as possible and you control it and you call the shots and I always feel just great afterwards … “

The slogan these days seem to be ‘’join your smart sisters: make money in your sleep!” Some years back, an American ‘Madam’ who used to run a sin house called Cachet had her ‘gold mine’ raided. After she got busted, she wrote of “the college graduates from stable, upper-middle-class homes” who worked for her at Cachet.

“Suzanne worked for us between Redcliff and medical school. Barbara, who had a graduate degree in Journalism, joined Cachet after working as an intern for her congressman. During the day, Alexia was the manager of an American branch of a German business, but at night”.

According to her: “The new age prostitute has a bank balance instead of an analyst, and a pocket calculator instead of burden of inferiority and guilt… Prostitution should be legitimized as a perfect reasonable career option for today’ s middle – class woman.
Prostitution dates beyond the Biblical era when Jesus dared Mary’s accusers to cast the first stone if they weren’t sinners themselves.

A rose by any other name might smell just as sweet, but a prostitute who “makes money from her sleep” smells of something rotten. Someone sneered recently that: “Every housewife who reluctantly gives in to her husband’s overtures or fake orgasm for the sake of peace in the matrimonial home is selling her body; only she’s not getting paid for it. She gets other forms of ‘remunerations’ though … “

But surely, there is a bit peace of mind in a woman who has only one ‘buyer’ than one with numerous customers? The latter will always live with the nightmare of going to any social gathering and mentally ticking off the number of men she has frolicked with.

Like someone rightly observes: “By making the figure of the prostitute a mouth-piece for society’s worst values and hypocrites (the very things that were created to stand against) we are sort of giving her a heart of gold – which she can never have.


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