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Family cries for justice, takes case to Foreign Affairs Ministry

Sunday... the deceased

Simon Ebegbulem, Benin City
The family of a 28 -year-old Sunday Okiei,  a   native of Owan East Local GovernmentArea of Edo State, is appealing to the Federal Government to prevail on the South African Government to investigate the mysterious death of their son, who was a student in a university in Johannesburg before he died May 2010.

Crime Guard learnt that the deceased left Nigeria in 2006 with a student visa to advance his education in computer science in Johannesburg, South Africa . It was a four -year program and he was billed to graduaate this year.  It was said that the deceased died in the presence of his South African girl friend, who after the incident, stormed the residence of the deceased with her mother and absconded with his entire properties.

The family had reported the matter to the police in South Africa but unfortunately, no effort is being made to investigate it.. Elder brother of the deceased, Mr Ola Okiei, who is based in Netherland, narrated that they had petitioned the Nigerian Embassy in South Africa and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prevail on the South African authorities to fish out the killers of their brother so that they will not be forced to take laws into their hands.

Ola narrated the  incident to Crime Guard: “ln the early hours of the of 18th May 2010, Sunday  complained of minor sickness which he told our elder brother, a Doctor in leadership Management and also a Pastor in Mountain of Fire Ministry  in South Africa.

Our brother visited Sunday to pray with him in the afternoon after he complained of a minor illness. After the prayers, our brother insisted Sunday should come with him to his home in order to monitor his health in case there was an emergency. But Sunday told him that he will be fine and that if there is anything serious, the girl friend that lives with him, a South African,  will be able to handle it.

Our brother now left Sunday and promised to see him later in the day.  Later the same day at about 6.00pm, according to other Nigerians living in the same compound with Sunday, they noticed that he was vomiting.   The following day, he started vomiting blood at an   interval of 35minutes.

The other Nigerians in the same compound said they did not bother to go in since the girl friend was there with him. But unknown to them, the vomiting continued, and his condition was becoming critical. When Sunday now observed that the vomiting was not subsiding, he quickly reached out to his cell phone and called our brother, the Pastor since no help was coming from his girl friend.

He called him to come quickly to help save his life. So, our brother was shocked and asked what the problem was and where his girl friend was. Sunday told him she was right there in the house with him and our brother now asked him to give the phone to the girl.

He was angry with her and asked why did she not call him all the while or even call the ambulance to take Sunday to the hospital. The girl told him that she was scared. Pastor now asked her why are you afraid, have you done something wrong to him? The girl was quiet.

He now asked the girl to call the ambulance immediately while he would rush to the hospital  to meet them. She called the ambulance as directed by Pastor. The ambulance came after a while and Sunday was rushed inside the ambulance car to be taken to the hospital.

From Sunday’s house to the hospital is about 10minutes drive. While inside the ambulance, he was being attended to by the paramedics but unfortunately, Sunday died before getting to the hospital.  The doctors at South Rand Hospital officially pronounced him dead at about 11.45pm on the 18th of May 2010. It was shocking to see Sunday physically well in the morning of 18th May 2010 and later that same day was pronounced dead.

“The news of my brother’s death devastated me because prior to his death, we had spoken the Saturday before he died.  When I was told that he died, I immediately asked the Pastor to pass the phone on to Sunday’s girl friend to ask her if there was anything we need to know.

According to her, “ in the afternoon, Sunday called her to complain of his health and she sent Sunday’s friend to go check on Sunday till she comes back from work.

Unfortunately, up till now, she has not been able to tell us the name of that his friend she told to check on him.  It is still a mystery because after she came home and saw him vomiting, she did not raise alarm or rush him to hospital for treatment.. After speaking with her, I knew something was wrong or that she was hiding some thing from us.

But the main shocker came when my brother, the Pastor and others went to Sunday’s house the next day at about 7am to prepare for the burial, they were told by other co-tenants that Sunday’s girlfriend and her mother came to the house as early as 5.00am to park everything in his apartment.

So, we are suspecting that my brother may have been poisoned by his girl friend because it is unusual for a person to die today and the girl friend and her mother went as early as 5.30 am to park properties including clothes, mobile phone, shoes, and his money and pot soup.

Why is she going away with that pot of soup? There was no emotional sympathy from the girl. Nothing was heard from her till after the burial of the boy on the 5th of June.

She came back in the early hours of 6th June 2010 with the mother and three other boys with a rented car to the house to clear the remaining things in the room. What a heartless person.   We reported the murder case at Booysen Police station in Johannesburg in South Africa before my arrival in South Africa on the I st of June.

The matter was reported by my brother, the Pastor before I arrived South Africa.    When I arrived South Africa and saw my kid brother being rolled out from the freezer, I wept uncontrollably.

“When I left Rand funeral office, I went to the police station with the Pastor to know how far they have gone with the investigation of the murder case (with case number Inquest 993/05/2009).  I was very surprised to hear from two of the Police officers there (names withheld) that they had no time yet to do anything.

That they would only call my brother’s girlfriend and friends for questioning when they are less busy.   I discovered that the police officers are racists and they were acting that way because we are Nigerians.  I was also shocked when the officers advised that I should better go and bury my brother than waiting for an autopsy report which they boldly said may take five years.

They also suggested I go and see our Nigeria Consular to put pressure on the Chief Police boss to hasten up the autopsy investigation.. Eventually, the next day the 2nd June 2010, I actually went to Nigeria Embassy where I requested to see the Consular in other for me to lodge my case for assistance to ascertain the cause of my brother’s death.

I was told that he was not on seat, and they don’t know when he will be coming. I now asked the receptionist that I will like to speak with whoever is the assistant to the Consular but was told he was also not on seat.   I was now helpless because there was nobody to assist me in our own Embassy.

When he saw I was beginning to be angry, he went and called one man in the embassy whose position I cannot tell.  The man now asked me to put my complaint in writing, that when the officer in charge comes, it will be dealt with. I did that and I appealed to the Embassy to prevail on the South African Police to investigate seriously, the cause of the death of my brother.

I also begged the ministry of Foreign Affairs to please call to order, the Nigeria embassy in South Africa, to learn how to assist its citizens who are being intimidated and maltreated by authorities of other nations”.he stated.


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