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Thanks Mr President for scattering the Glass house

Vocalist on Nigerian football matters Barrister Adokie Amiesimaka praised President Goodluck Jonathan to high heavens for finding the guts to do what others dared to do. For years, football in Nigeria took a plunge and instead of rescuing the already bad situation, the people who ran football in the country seized the opportunity to milk the country dry, in the name of trying to salvage the situation..

•Eagles in temporary celebration

Rather than things improving it always got worse and  every time, anyone thinks  about government doing anything to remedy the situation, people  are there to cry interference  and the supposed sanctions from the world football governing body-FIFA
According to the Port Harcourt lawyer  the decision to ban the Eagles for two years is the bravest , boldest most progressive positive decision that our new president Dr Goodluck Jonathan has taken  and I congratulate him most heartily”, Amiesimaka said.

He continued:  I congratulate him for calling the bluff of these unpatriotic perennial  FIFA sanction singers, those who have for years held this country hostage, those fellows who have stunted the growth of football in Nigeria by singing this FIFA sanction mantra.

They go cap-in-hand to government for money and they do not want to account for it.  They  don’t want to develop the game. All they are interested is to take part in competitions, age grade competitions:  load ineligible players, cheat and win, and  say they have done well.

In the senior competitions, they don’t  begin  preparations early, fire those who worked hard to qualify Nigeria  and bring  fourth grade coaches from Europe pay them with all the money in our treasury,  even pay them upfront and when they fail, they blame players, referees,  weather , everyone and everything but themselves. I congratulate President Jonathan for that decision for scattering the glass house but he should go further”, Adokie said.

The former Sharks FC chairman said now that the glass house has been scattered President Jonathan should build a solid edifice on the rock literary speaking. “We should look at the link between  football administration in Nigeria and FIFA  and that link is Amos Adamu.

He is a civil servant in the presidency, President  Jonathan needs to look at his role in the football  administration in Nigeria, he is the one FIFA listens to, because he is a member of FIFA executive committee. It is not enough to dissolve the NFA or to voluntarily withdraw from international competitions, We need to x-ray him, how useful has his role  been to Nigeria, do we really need him, don’t we have a better candidate who can portray Nigeria in good light in FIFA and CAF, these are pertinent questions that needs answers”, Amiesimaka said.

As regards the new NFA, the ex international said  we need a credible NFA, one with people who are knowledgeable about the game, passionate and with sincerity of purpose. It is not an issue of removing Lulu and bring similar person, it is more of a problem of absence of  institutional check and balances.

The new NFA should be structured in such a way that it is accountable, development oriented, we need to look at our league, what is the role of govt in football development, what about our coaches and referees. We have duty to train and retrain them. This is revolutionary step that the President has taken and it should be done properly.


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